Sunday, 23 October 2011

21 years old


I have been busy getting everything ready for my stay in hospital. I spent an exhausting day at the hospital for my pre-op tests. There was so much walking to get from each underground station to the next, it knocked me for six. I was still recovering days later. But at least I’m now aware, there is no way I will be able to do that after my operation. I was planning on traveling by train for my physio sessions, as I won’t be able to drive. But the distances I had to walk to get from platform to platform was ridiculous. So I won’t be doing that again, in a hurry. It took me an hour and a half from door to door.


The nurse didn’t tell me anything about the operation that I didn’t already know. She just reinforced that I won’t be allowed to do anything but rest and walk for months after the op. I was hoping I might be able to sit for a bath in the near future, but she said that will be a long way off. Quite how I am going to keep the old lady grey hairs at bay is unknown. I’m not allowed to lean back or forwards at the hairdressers. She said just leave it for months!!!!.


It would seem I am not allowed to sit down much either after the op. One of the things I was most looking forward to doing. Plus, I have just weighed my beloved laptop and I won’t be able to carry it after the operation either. It weighs too much. So I have borrowed my sons latest iPod touch to have a play. As I may have to resort to buying an iPad.

During my convalescence I want to use the time wisely. I have bought photography books and guides to using Photoshop. I have a wealth of images already and waiting. I think I have found my own style of photography that speaks to me. I like strong eye contact close ups. With striking catchlights. I’m not into groups of people or full body.

Last week I finally got around to learning a technique to edit eyes. So it has made my images even stronger.


I jumped at the chance to ask Luke, a boy I used to childmind if he would like a free photo-shoot with me for his 21st Birthday. I haven’t seen him for about 15 years and I don’t think he really remembers me, but I couldn’t miss the opportunity. He is a struggling musician and was scouted to work at Abercrombie & Fitch in London. As anyone knows they only want lookers to work there. I’m afraid I’m a bit partial to a looker. I can’t be shooting ugly mugs. I’m shallow like that.

I know any images I got from the shoot, would be great for my portfolio. I planned all the locations and poses. But unfortunately Luke's hunger and the rain stopped the shoot.

Luke for web


Luke for web2

I’m afraid I think he was a bit shell shocked after the shoot. I had talked to him solidly for over an hour. He is out of work and I was given him advice and trying to boost his confidence.

What you can’t tell from the pictures is that he had a broken arm.We tried to keep it out of the shots.


This one above was a lot of peoples favourite image on Facebook, but mine is this one.


Luke's favourite and the only one he’s sharing on Facebook is this one.


He started the shoot as a reluctant model, but after he saw the photos load on to my computer, he was up for getting all his friends together to shoot for me. The great thing is they are all lookers as well, with a few real models thrown in the mix. So I’m hoping to use Luke and his friends for my assignments in the Karen Russell workshop I am retaking in January.

It’s handy as he is a skateboarder (hence the broken arm) and I always struggle with the action assignments.

I was amazed when I went to cull the images. I only had two with Luke's eyes shut. I have 175 PEREFCT images I had to choose from. He was a pro, either that or he was shell shocked from me talking at him.


Scrappi Sandi said...

Amazing photo' wonder he's keen to get his mates involved!! You will have a great time shooting him in motion on his board! I've managed some very pleasing 'Big Air' shots with Nathan while lying flat on the tarmac at the skate can't wait to see what you'll do!!! What a pain that you'll have to rethink your physio travel plans, hope you manage to sort out an alternative!

alexa said...

Very striking photos - you've done his justice! Hope the op will not be too painful and the recovery will be swift and filled with nice things. :)

kym said...

God those photos are amazing ! ! would love you to photograph my newest grandson when you are feeling better...


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