Thursday, 15 September 2011

My hair’s got someone a job

Yep, my hair.

I very rarely get it cut. I always say it is self cutting. I just pull against the ends and they fall off !!!

But a friend of mines step-daughter needed a head of long hair to cut into layers for a trade test in a salon.

So voila, mine was perfect.



I wore my fab new dress I bought in London. I would love to say I found it in a little designer boutique. But it caught my eye as I walked past the stores open door, on my way to Sloane Street.


I instantly went in to try it on. But boy was it tight across my back, because of my fun bags at the front !

I thought I’ll check out its other flagship store on Oxford Street for a bigger size. But it wasn’t the size that was the problem, it was the cut of the dress and my fun bags. So I decided to buy it, and just not try and move my arms whenever I wear it !!!

I also bought several other amazing items of clothing there. One a gorgeous jumper that even gives my newly purchased, half price (£75!!) Nicole Fahri,  jumper a run for its money. The shop I bought everything from was Hennes……….. Oh the shame……………

I wore the shift dress with my Parisian ballet pumps and leggings, topped off with my Anthropologie cardi, my husband has admitted he hates.


He probably hates the cardi because it does make me look like a chunky, hunchback. Which is near the truth, seeing's the surgeon wrote in his report I have a defined stoop. Thanks mate. I was trying to stand straight at the time.

I slung on all my bangles and another new bracelet I bought here this week.

( I added the bluebird)


I’m not sure if I have shared with you an image of my new bespoke bangle. It’s on the left hand side and says “Love, always and forever.” Which is what my husband always writes in my cards. I LOVE it and am so glad  I commissioned it. I am just waiting for my two, gold bangles to me finished. I have to wait a while as I have asked for them to be sent to London to be hallmarked.



So I now have bouncy, layered hair. Emily had to blow dry it straight for them to check the cut for the second time. I could tell they couldn’t fault the cut. Every section they lifted up was perfect. So I wasn’t surprised to hear they had offered her a job.

Boy, were they handsome in the salon. The man that checked mine was to die for. Then I spotted a hunk sat behind me having his hair cut. He wouldn’t have looked out of place in a Vogue editorial. It made me and Emily quite hot under the collar. It was sad to realise I would have been old enough to have been their mum.

IMG_5544I have taken some more shots of the black squirrel in my garden. He has lucked out with the buy 1 get 10 free walnuts, our garden now has to offer since the hurricane winds this week.

He’s taken to sitting in the crook of the tree, looking out for Teddy. I went and put my longest zoom lens on and he bloody, disappeared. So it’s sat waiting for another days opportunity.


I am also sat here waiting to hear from the hospital concerning my ALIF surgery. Our insurance company want lots of questions answered in relation to the procedure. In fact they were things I would have asked if I hadn’t been so shocked and ill prepared for the consultation outcome.

They want to know:

length of expected stay.

How much will the anaesthetist cost?

Where is the bone graft coming from? (I really want this one answered as well. As it maybe coming from my hip…….)


Anonymous said...

love the hair cut ;-)

Scrappi Sandi said...

Hair looks great... & could be worse...could be Primark! I used to buy maternity clothes from Hennes Oxford Circus, when I worked in Regent Street!!


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