Friday, 2 September 2011

I’ve been a very naughty girl…

I had a lovely day in London yesterday. The weather was glorious.

I went to hopefully order something from the Anya Hindmarch Bespoke shop.

First stop though was Harrods. I headed for all the handbags rooms. I checked out Louis Vuitton first. But I didn’t like anything they had.

On the way down on the train, I thought it might be a good idea to checkout the small bags on offer. I won’t be able to carry anything heavy after my op. So I mean what’s a girl to do ?………..

Somehow I ended up at the Anya Hindmarch stand ?……..

Naughty me. I fell in love with a bag there on the spot. It was PERFECT. It could be used at least four different ways, was small and neat. It had so many compartment I never needed to carry a purse. It had detachable long and short handles.

But wait, I hadn’t been to the bespoke shop yet…..

So off I went………


There was only me in there, along with two snooty, shop assistants. Obviously one look at the weirdly dressed lady, in the spotty crocs, was enough for them to think, we are way out of her league.

So I took my money elsewhere. Their loss.

I checked in at Harvey Nichols. Another look at the PERFECT bag.

Then I hopped on the undergound. It was at this point I thought, bugger it. I am going to treat myself. I have looked for over 15 years for a nice bag that I can wear across me. I NEED that bag.

So I bought it…….. Naughty me……..


2011 sept Anya Hindmarch bag


alexa said...

I hope you have many happy years with it. :)

Scrappi Sandi said...

LOL at those shop assistants....I think you should email them & advise them to 'never judge a book....' & all that!!!! Spotty Crocs or no...!!! They'll be kicking themselves for that lost commission!! All I can say is that bag is just SO you!!! Enjoy!!!

Anonymous said...

It's a beauty! Have many happy years together. But, havent those snooty shop assistants ever seen 'pretty woman'?
I had a similar experience with a very snooty girl in Italy a few years ago- she took one look at me and 'bad vibed' me out of her shop.

Hilary J said...

Beautiful handbag...look forward to seeing it on your arm!

debs14 said...

You can tell from the photo just how soft and gorgeous that leather is and it will last you for years and years - an excellent purchase! And the fact that you can use it in at least four different ways means you can divide it's cost by four!

megan said...

ok. now i need that bag too! LOL


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