Friday, 23 September 2011

He’s mad

Yep, my dog is mad. Or as a friend of mine says he has “special needs”.

He was an angel to walk when he was a young puppy. I took him to weekly training, but two years ago when we got him, was the start of my niggle back/hip pain. Because he was sooooo small, the classes used to hurt me having to bend down to reach him. In the class he was a star pupil, but as much as I told the instructor he was a Jekyll and Hyde. She never saw the other side of Teddy. He turns into a different being when he sees his lead and we step outside the door.

It’s so embarrassing being dragged down the street. No one wants to walk him. My in laws find it very trying when they look after him.

Well check out my video of him this week to see what I mean


What I would like to point out at this moment is that Teddy wears an anti-pull harness. Someone forgot to tell him. Do you think I would get my money back if they saw this video?


I’m taking him to the vets in a minute. It’s a long drive around very tight bend lanes. Teddy jumps all over the place, even into my lap. So he’s a crash waiting to happen. The last time I went I bought him his very own seat belt harness. He’s so embarrassing on his monthly visits to the vet. He holds his lead and does the head shake continually whilst we are waiting our turn. All the animals and their owners sit and look at me tutting.

As you can see after my operation at the end of October I will not be able to walk him for a long time to come.




Teddy wants one of these, to join me and Tasmin on the sofas with ours.

But I have told him, he can’t have one until he behaves.

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Scrappi Sandi said...

This video is really so funny!!! Love that he has a 'Simply Glamour' harness & yes I think you should send the manufacturers that video & demand a full refund...they haven't a leg to stand on!! LOL...all I can say about the Snuggie is 'Teddy keep on misbehaving...if you know what's good for you!!!' ;)


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