Sunday, 11 September 2011

He wants nuts….



Our walnuts…….

2011 Sept 11th

and it drives HIM nuts……..


And can you spot a problem with this plant.


Look to the left. Can you see those small black dots on the windowsill. It took some closer investigation, and look what I found.


Believe me it took a LOT of searching, he was so disguised.

I took hundreds of photos today. I was playing about with manual exposure and focus.

My main subject was a wee bit fidgety.

I mean it was windy and he LOVES leaves.


My other subject has abandoned us for sunny shores-California to be exact. He’s obviously limbering up for muscle beach here.


1 comment:

Scrappi Sandi said...

is that squirrel black? I don't think I've seen a black one before!!! That caterpillar is amazing...I bet he thinks he's safe there!! Lovely pick of Teddy...he'll love it when Irene passes through tonight!!


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