Thursday, 8 September 2011

have you ever tickled a Tapier ?


I have……….and they rather took a liking to me.

2011 Aug-28th paradise park

look away now if you are easily offended….

I mean they REALLY took a liking to me……


We were invited to The Paradise Wildlife Park by the Rockall's.


I was to get to meet and  chat to the Royal photographer Ian Pelham Turner  and at the same time have a little photo shoot session with the Rockall's daughter, Phoebe.


I couldn’t begin to tell you about the laughter we had after the event.

It culminated in a young teenager answering his mobile in full voice, during the poor mans speech.


The rest of the them laughed when they saw the poor man approaching me in the car park, where I was taking some pictures of Phoebe near some tractor tyres. They pitied him, going to give ME advice !


YES, I knew the light was at the wrong angle. YES, I knew there wasn’t any catchlights in her eyes. And YES I could do with a reflector to bounce the light back at her. But I don’t have one. He then proceeded to move her into a better lit position.

Ergh YES , I knew the light was better at that angle, but he was missing the point. We wanted an urban, style shot with the massive tractor tyres. Not an image of Phoebe in a car park !!

So we had a good giggle about this later after we had tickled a few tapiers….

2011 Aug 28th Phoebe

And I got to take some perfect lit shots near sunset.




I’m still editing lots of the images. It’s a steep learning curve for me editing. But I know practice makes perfect as it is with my photography skills.

What I most liked about the session is that the moody teenager,who liked to scowl into the camera, could see what a difference a smile made to her beauty.

And I snatched a few images of her mum, Judith on the walk back home. Of course she hates them…….as everyone of our age always does. But I LOVE them and she will do to in ten years time, when she looks back at them…. Don’t we always.




Scrappi Sandi said...

That second photo of Judith is just gorgeous...she's not smiling as widely & I think that gives her eyes more emphasis!! LOL at him trying to give you advice!! Did he not know who he was dealing with?!!! I think you should email him a collage of your finished shoot to demonstrate just what you were working to achieve!!!! The photo's of Pheobe are gorgeous too...such a pretty girl!....& NO!! I've never tickled a Tapier...but if that's the result I think I'll avoid it!!! :)

Denise said...

Your photos are stunning Karen,and that shot of the -er Tapier's bits made me chuckle.I love the second image with her hood (or whatever) up round her face.


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