Friday, 23 September 2011


It’s funny how the internet works. You start in one place and hours later you end up somewhere you have no idea how you got to.

Barb of Jinky Art is someone whose photography I really admire. I am not alone in that view.  Some of my photography idols have taken workshops with her in the States. One even flew all the way from Holland to California.( see there blogs here and here talking about their experience.)

Last week she announced she is coming to the UK next year. I was beside myself with excitement and I was trying to talk myself into getting a place. I knew she is expensive, I knew the sort of money I would have to pay out. But secretly I hoped it would be less than I expected. Well it turned out to be 2,000 Australian dollars. A LOT. Especially as you have to organise your own accommodation for the duration. I would no doubt be the only non professional there. She is due to talk about business plans and Photoshop. All which will mean nothing to me, as I have neither.

Fullscreen capture 23092011 125033

But the crunch that made my decision was hubby returning from the States to be told his wife was thinking of paying out big bucks for a hobby. He thought I was mad.. So it put the doubt back in my mind. Half the places filled up within hours and I am hoping the others will go super fast so I don’t have to ponder anymore.

Of course he could see my disappointment and said “Go on it. We never spend any money.” I could use some of my money from an apartment I rent out. It sits there untouched. But the damage was done. The doubt was stronger, than my yearning to attend.

But whilst I was checking out the workshop I looked up Sarah Wright the photographer who is arranging it. Somehow I also ended up on another photographer, here, with almost the identical name and saw a link to some amazing bunting. It turned out to be her sister. ( here )

The bunting was perfect for my home/garden. So I emailed the lady and over the day it was arranged that some would be sent to me forthwith, so that I could use them in a shoot this weekend and ready for my magazine debut session next week.

I’ve added it to some cheap plastic bunting that I always have hanging in my garden.



2011  Sept Bunting-1

It should be great as a background to a shoot I am attempting tomorrow. I am shooting a couple. Their new-born and a young toddler. I have only spoke to them at a party for 5 minutes.  A friend of mine told her, she MUST get me to take pictures of her baby when it arrives. No pressure then !!!!

I have invited Anna Bowkis along for the ride and experience. Between us we should get some shots.

Pray for us we need all the help we can get.


Scrappi Sandi said...

That bunting is lovely & gives your existing bunting a whole new breath of life!! have fun with the shoot tomorrow...the light should be good & no rain foreast!!

Scrappi Sandi said...

Terrible keyboarding skills there!! Obviously that should read 'forecast'!!

Hilary J said...

Spending money on developing your knowledge and skills is always a good investment. Much better than *stuff* that just ends up at the dump in a few years' time.


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