Sunday, 11 September 2011

A bribe was needed

I have been owed a photo-shoot of my son since Mothers Day. The time was never right for him. So as my time is limited to be mobile, it was now or never. But we had to dodge the rain showers, as the sun started to set. And I had to make them a roast dinner. They are missing my cooking at last.

I have lots from this shoot and hopefully after the massive back log of photos to be edited is sorted, I will get to share more.

Here’s some natural ones we loved.






I can’t wait to play with this one.



It was worth the stuffing I had to cook, to add Kerri to the mix.


Anonymous said...

great photo's, glad you had a fruit full day, but never made it to wave me off ;-)

Scrappi Sandi said...

I wonder who 'Anonymous' could be??!! Great photo's & such a photogenic couple!! So glad he finally kept his end of the 'MD' deal!!! :)

alexa said...

Lovely photos - you'll have great fun scrapping these ... Love that third one down! And yes, K is a delightful addition. :)


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