Saturday, 17 September 2011

A baby in the house.

Some girls are naturally born maternal, and some are not so much.

We got a phone call. Someone needed our help and fast. My son and his girlfriend were excited to be babysitting their friends puppy, Poppy for the day/night.


They have been talking ALOT about getting a puppy. Dogs aren’t allowed  in the apartment block where they live. But it hasn’t stopped their friends from buying Poppy. The poor mite is left all day in the apartment, with wooden floors. Need I say more.



Within minutes of little Poppy entering Ryan's apartment she had done what little puppies do, all over his rug and floors.


So we were called, as Kerri couldn’t clear it up. Ryan was out at football so Tasmin and I came to the rescue. We took little Poppy over and become her mums for the day.


She is super tiny. Yet, she is at least six months old.  She is much smaller than Teddy was even at 10 weeks old. She also is extremely timid and obviously gets told off a lot for her puppy mistakes.

We took her for a long walk and because they were scared to have her back in their apartment, we brought her to our house. It was so sad to see her running mad off her lead in our garden. She was like a different dog.


Then we let Teddy say hello.



They loved each other.

We nearly got to babysit her for the evening, but they decided to take her back to her home as she was tired out from her adventures. We were all very sad to have her return to her little lonely apartment.

But the good thing was there now won’t be the patter of tiny feet  anytime soon in Ryan's apartment. It was just the wake up call they needed to see that an apartment isn’t fair on a dog and Kerri didn’t like the mucky part. Kerri realised puppies look cute, but they are hard work.


Scrappi Sandi said...

Oh so true!! But Teddy's going to be wanting to see his new girlfriend again I sense!! ♥

Shonie said...

Such a sweet face. Sad that she has such a lonely life. It's not fair! I love the photo of the two of them meeting each other. So cute!


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