Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Project Life update

My Project Life photo printing has been on hold for over a week. My wiped laptop is taking forever to reload all my old programmes. For the first two days it just continually updated. It has been very frustrating. Especially as I have no idea what I am doing. It took me 5 hours yesterday trying to load just my monitor calibrator programme. It just would not recognise it. I can’t edit any of my hundreds of waiting photos, until I have it up and running. Hubby won’t help me. So I am stuck on a loop trying to fix it myself with no computer knowledge.

I am going to have yet another attempt today.

I have just backed up my 2011 images that I have moved from another external hard drive. That took me 2 hours of pouring over the internet of how to load the drive on to my computer!!!

I am hoping hubby will load my printer programme back on to the laptop tonight, so I can start printing my 6 x 4 for Project Life.

Well anyway no more moaning, here is where I am at with my Project Life album. Or should I say 2nd album !

Week Twenty nineIMG_3534


Again I have tried to include current news items alongside our family happenings. I printed an image from the internet of the last shuttle launch

Week Thirty


I’ve included a small image of a pigeon in one of our trees. The day before I saved it’s chick from a certain death, when it was attacked by a hawk in our garden. I scared the hawk away after it was holding down the chick, only for the poor chick to be pounced on by Teddy! It lay shocked in a bush for hours, but luckily it flew off with a bit of help later in the day. The next day the adult bird followed me all around the garden. I like to think it was her way of thanking me…..


A photo of Tasmins dental x-ray. The original x-ray is tucked away in the document folder I keep with the album.

And yes, Tasmin failed her driving test AGAIN. Check out the book she is reading. Very apt, me thinks.

extra inserts

Some images from my first sunset shoot ever.


I thought it was a good place to include a funny face one of Tasmin, just to keep her grounded. LOL


Week Thirty one



extra insert.

a small scrapbook layout of my son’s girlfriend.



Week thirty two

I had to include the London riots that took place during this week. I printed the heading from a daily newspaper.


This is where I am up to with the printing.


Scrappi Sandi said...

I do hope you get all the techie stuff sorted soon...the silver lining is you'll be an EXPERT at something else by the time you're done!! So...into album TWO of project life...did it come with two albums or have you had to buy a second? It's all looking good!! I have all the bits to put together a similar project for 2012...Alex is convinced that the world will end in 2012 so I'm going to document it all to prove him (& all the other theorists!) wrong (I hope!!!!) {{{Hugs}}}

Michelle said...

It looks amazing! Love it

Sandra said...

It's absoutly gorgeous


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