Thursday, 25 August 2011

picture wall


At the moment I am unable to comment on anyone's blogs. For some reason the Google system doesn’t recognise me. It’s something we have been trying to sort out for the last week. At the moment we have given up, it’s been too frustrating. So I apologise for my lack of comment on peoples blogs. It looks like I will have to write anonymously in the future.

I have wanted to make another photo wall in my house for a while. I had originally thought it would be made up of canvases. But after trying to make one on a site, I gave up. I was worried about how the colour would look and whether it would be an expensive mistake. So I made the decision to print the photos myself and add a few eclectic bits and bobs to a wall upstairs on our landing.

Over a week I bought frames and started to fill them with photos. Tasmins boyfriend remarked to her that he was sad he hadn't made the family wall.

So imagine his surprise when he returned another day to find he had the largest image of the lot of us. Ryan my son has the smallest. That's because I have literally no images of him. I still keep reminding him about his mothers day promise to me of a photo shoot, with no moaning. But for him it seems it’s never the right time.

Anyway –Voila …… here is the wall as it is at the moment. It is something that will evolve over the coming months /years.



I bought the word LOVE from Dunelm-mill. The bluebirds and embroidery hoop are from a fab new shop in Covent Garden.

Sass & Belle



It was tat heaven. My home is so full of tat that I had to hold myself back from buying anymore.

Oh and by the way my sister was sad, she hadn’t made the wall yet . But I couldn’t decide which image of her to use?

2011 Aug 7th-Andreas hol in La Manga

All above images courtesy of my sister. Kept by me for future humiliation…………………


Anonymous said...

I love your wall - what a lovely idea, especially as landings are often uninspiring places. I might have to nick your idea and brighten up my own walls - scrapbboking is fine but they dont see the light of day too often!!

Hilary J said...

Your wall looks gorgeous.

andrea said...

ha ha ha and i wonder why i have wrinkles! my ambition is to make the wall without pulling a face or wrinkles so hope you have your photo shop ready!! i will get you back by the way !!

Scrappi Sandi said...

The wall looks fab...LOL at only a little pic of Ryan...I wouldn't mind but he's so photogenic!!! Those bluebirds are adorable...can't beat a bit of tat to brighten up a home!! I think a montage of all those pics of Andrea are what's needed...can't wait to hear how she gets her ervenge!!! :)

alexa said...

It's a super idea, your photo wall - ever changing and refreshed. Perhaps your sister could choose and supply her own photo, if she's not too keen on yours!


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