Wednesday, 24 August 2011

oh dear

I am still struggling to spend my insurance money from the robbery. I thought I had gotten rid of a big chunk of it on the iMac. But of course I took it back and got a refund. So I am back where I started!!

I have commissioned a silver bangle that I am picking up tomorrow from here . They have stamped four words special to me and my husband on to it. My daughter came up with the words, from the message my husband has written in every card he has ever sent me. So it will be a nice piece with meaning to leave behind for my daughter.

From the shop above I also bought some pieces to add to my new Tiffany chain that replaces the one I lost.


We spent a day at Hatton Garden, looking in all the jewellers shops. I found two pieces that I liked. Yet another, diamond cross and a cute small heart diamond ring.



I’ve gathered some of my old gold pieces together. I no longer wear them and my daughter was only interested in a few of the items.

IMG_9207So I have been trawling bloody jewellers trying to get an idea of their scrap value. The prices varied wildly. So in the end I decided to have the gold melted down and made into two gold bangles.

At the moment I have three jewellers wanting to take on the work. So I have to make a decision soon. I would like the word, family engraved in to one of them. As it will be made from 4 family generations worth of gold. Here is one of the shops wanting to do the work.

I couldn’t believe it when I watched the video and it was an old friend of mine having the bangle made.

I would have to pay about £130 for them to make me a bangle  out of my 22ct gold, which could be worth as much as £800+ to buy. To me that is a much better use of the gold than the dated pieces sitting collecting dust in a box.

IMG_3242-1I also picked up a collection of diamond rings from my sister.We inherited them from a Great Aunt many years ago.

I am not into big diamond rings. Especially as my old engagement ring shows our wealth or lack of at the time. So any big flashy rings look silly alongside it. I have always wanted to have some of my Aunts rings made into new pieces of jewellery we could wear. But the problem lays in that we have no idea what they are worth or even if they are real. So tomorrow I am going to a jewellers for an expert to take a look at them.

Them I am left with the problem of what to spend the remaining insurance on? I think a new up to date monitor for me to edit my pictures on is a must and I am very tempted by something bespoke by Anya Hindmarch.

I saw her pop up shop in Selfridges on a recent trip to London.

Anya-Selfridges-GQ-28Mar11-PR-b All the pieces can be made with any inscription on. Even done in your own handwriting.

I kept the little brochure as a reminder and I think a visit to the bespoke shop in the upcoming video is a must. I fancy a jewellery carrier of some sort or a bag with a special inscription. In fact who knows what I would choose. I LOVE it all. She makes beautiful pieces that can become heirlooms.

Check out this awesome video of Anya talking about the bespoke collection.

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