Wednesday, 3 August 2011

no rhyme or reason to it ?

I had a wonderful few days, last week, with very little pain. It was so nice to remind myself, what it can feel like. I thought maybe I had turned a corner. I was worried that we had just made an appointment with one of the top back surgeons in the UK. But the pain is back again. It started niggley yesterday. But it’s full pelt again today.

So I am pleased I had decided not to go to the South of France with Hubby this weekend. He is off to a 50th Birthday Party. I knew I would put a dampener on things, so I decided to stay here. I am so glad I did, I don’t fancy getting on a plane at this moment. And he will have a much better time without me.

During my good spell, I was able to attend a crop I hadn’t been to at all this year. I managed to get a few layouts done.


Sandi asked me if I was using scanned pictures, but I tend to always use originals. My Mother used to get every photo triplicated or more. So I have boxes full of extra photos. Seeing's I didn’t know what to do with these extra two I did a double whammy layout.

This layout is of my nieces baking with me last January. It was good to use up some old supplies on this. The baking paper I had bought on my first ever Chicago scrap shop many, many years ago.


And this one of my dogs isn’t finished yet. I don’t like the empty space on the right hand side, so when I can next sit down I will have a play with it.


I have so many photos from the last week waiting to be played with in Photoshop. It’s so annoying that I can’t sit down.

We had a family BBQ and I took a few snaps.


The lovers had just be reunited after a week apart. They are so in loveeeeeeeee.

I even got to snatch a few images of my grumpy son and his equally grumpy girlfriend. They were not happy as they weren’t dressed for a “shoot” ?



Teddy was though, he’d had a shower especially.




Sandra said...

I love the layouts and the photos really made me smile, love the shower one :). I do hope you feel better soon

Scrappi Sandi said...

If only you could bottle whatever it was that eased the pain last seemed so much more comfortable last Thursday!!

Great pics...even with reluctant muses! But then Teddy is such a pro!!

alexa said...

So sorry you are in such pain, but glad you got a little relief at least. Your pages are great - I like the double photos and that last one is a gem. I am sure it is marketable!


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