Saturday, 20 August 2011

Massive problems

My computer crashed on Monday. So of I went to buy an iMac desktop, with some of my robbery insurance money. This would keep me going whilst they fixed the problem on my laptop.


BUT I hated the iMac, I found the iPhoto impossible to use the way I like to set up my photos. I couldn’t make collages. Which I do weekly for my Project Life. They are effortless on Picasa. It continually couldn’t log into my printer.

I would have to buy Photoshop Elements to use on the Mac, even though it was free with my Sony laptop. So yet another £70+

Then the last straw was I found out you can’t use Livewriter on a Mac, that was it. I now had a computer that couldn’t do anything that I wanted it to do.

To add insult to injury it continually failed to connect to my wireless internet. The Apple man said BT can come and go in the morning. Well, I never had a problem with my laptop. So all my saved websites would disappear in an instant and I had to continually restart the bloody thing.


Then I found out from the Apple guy that my recently bought colour calibrator for the screen wouldn’t work on a iMac glossy screen. So it looked like I would have to still run two different systems my laptop with extra monitor and a Mac.

So now I had an iMac that really didn’t met my needs or wants. Anything sub standard to what I already had, would cost me £££ from Apple.

So Thank God for John Lewis. We packed the iMac up and returned it last night for a refund.


But that is not the end of a very long and frustrating story. I finally went to pick up my fully, restored laptop. Nothing had been lost they told me. The problem was sorted. GREAT.

So I fired it up in the store to ask him some questions about something's I wanted sorted. Low and behold while he was doing it, it crashed again. Back to square one. Now it was serious. So I had to leave my laptop AGAIN and they wiped everything off it. I mean EVERYTHING.

Now we can’t get anything to work on it. Its like having a new-born baby and trying to teach it to walk.

It’s taken us about 5 hours just to restore livewriter to write my blogs. I can’t write anything on my original blogger account at all .

I can’t look at any of my Google reader accounts I‘ve lost the icon and we can’t access the toolbars to reinstate it.

It goes on and on. We are banging our heads against the wall and I could cry.

So it looks like I will be back in the car for the 5th time in a week to see what can be done.


Scrappi Sandi said...

Oh Karen...I feel for you!!! It's not what you expect from an investment like your laptop...sometimes I question whether we're not just better off with basic items that have less things to fail on them!!! I do hope you get things least you know to steer clear of Apple in future!!! ♥

alexa said...

Oh Karen, you sound so cross and miserable! What a frustrating day - or couple of days! Am I allowed to say that I love my iMac and wouldn't change it for anything?

karen said...

test comment


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