Tuesday, 26 July 2011

A wee bit of scrapping


For some reason my pain is always at it’s worst on a Sunday.

I had a place booked at a crop so I felt I couldn’t let anyone down. It took me 10 minutes just to get the car of the drive, because of the pain. Hubby said he didn't expect to see his car in one piece again.

I didn’t think I’d be able to concentrate enough to do any scrapping. But once the medication kicked in and with talking to keep my mind of it. I got down to some scrapping.

I find it very hard to scrap nowadays, as my artistic flow has disappeared..

But I managed to get 4 layouts done and dusted.  I’ve just added the dreaded journaling and put them away in albums.


A layout using an image from our Anniversary afternoon tea party.



A picture of my son taken 14 years ago, that's been sat waiting to be scrapped for yonks'. I’ve tucked a recent newspaper cutting behind the layers.


Another even older one of Ryan when he was too young to join a football team, so he started to play rugby until he was 7. Of course he was the star of the team. He always bloody was.

It got a bit embarrassing as the years went on. It didn’t matter where he was. A golf program, a Centre Parks course, a Council run holiday football program or his team awards ceremony. He always won the main prize. Sometimes I could feel the other mums eyes boring into me. Him AGAIN.


A layout of my son and his previous long term girlfriend. Sadly after over 5 years they have no parted and moved on to new partners. But I am glad I have instilled in my children that ALL photos should be cherished and kept for future memories. I hate to hear about people who ripped all there old boyfriend/spouses photos. I made my Husband keep all his old love letters and images of his old girlfriends and I keep them in a box, along with mine.  And all these years later I am so glad I did.


I’m not sure if I have shared this layout before. I made it for my sister. It’s of her daughter as the Carnival Princess.

I used some paper from a collection designed by someone who used to live in my previous village, Amanda Lincoln. She had kindly posted a selection of her collection for 3 bugs in a rug, through my letterbox. They were perfect for this girly layout.

I also used a paper as the background for the girlfriend layout above.


Scrappi Sandi said...

WooHoo!! & the scrapper is back!!! Nothing wrong with your mojo if these are anything to go by!! It's Shepreth on Thursday evening if you feel like a catch-up?!

Michelle said...

Im laughing at your comment about journalling on LO's. I hate doing the journalling part, I think my handwriting ruins them and if I have to type the journalling on then I think my words are trite and worthless! Generally I like the LO's but not my pesonalised bit, glad to see I am not alone!

Sandra said...

I actually went back to check you did actually say what I thought I'd read ..... Are you crazy, your an amazing scrapper, full of artistic flair. These are just stunning.

alexa said...

But these are just lovely! If I had made four LOs at a crop, I'd be over the moon! Your artistic flair seems to be riding high, from where I'm standing.:) Sorry about the pain...

Amanda said...

Ah these are absolutely amazing Karen! as I knew they would be with your creative magic! xx


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