Tuesday, 5 July 2011

an update.

We have received a phone call from the Police to say someone has been arrested in London for some other offence, and he has admitted to our burglary.

It would seem he is known to police as a frequent offender. As yet we have no other information as to whether any of our property has been recovered.

Our local police where in the process of going to court to get permission to investigate the evidence that was left behind by the burglar at our home. It would seem this won’t be necessary now.

Hubby and son are eager to find out about the man. But I must admit I would rather not know. I want the image of a white, eastern European man just going about his normal “job”. That way I haven’t taken the burglary to be anything personal or even frightening.

It would be nice to think that my neighbour might have a chance of getting her mothers jewellery back that held a lot of sentimental value. Unlike me she had no photographs or receipts. So it would be a real problem claiming for it with the insurance. Almost every item of ours that was taken, had a photograph and receipt. It really helps to be anal. I mean I even had almost all of the original boxes. I couldn’t believe it when I found I even had the original box and receipt for my external hard drive.

So it’s a matter of sitting and waiting to hear from the police whether our treasures will be returned. It also served as a wake up call for us concerning our homes safety. We now have motion sensors and are alarmed to the max. There is now a safe for the items we would have been devastated to have lost. So we have made the best of a bad situation.

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