Friday, 22 July 2011

A resurrection of a year in outfits

taking pictures of different outfits was something I did a long while back. I thought I would start again. As no one around here ever wants their picture taken. It’s a way for me to put my camera to the test and practice with my tripod. I had stopped using my tripod, as the Canon 7D was a bit too heavy for it. I was always scared it would topple over.

As you’ll see from my focus. I need to practise using this cameras meagre focusing a tad more.

I am weird at choosing my outfits,The clothes sort of call to me.Sometimes I end up in something very inappropriate for the day. Plus I often put combinations together that always come as a complete surprise to me. Some work so well that I’m always amazed I had put them together before.

Well yesterday a dress I hadn’t worn for a year was calling me as I was going to sleep/I had no idea if I still fitted in it but due to a recent weight loss it was fine.


This dress cost just £7. Yep £7. It was all on its own during a Tesco sale.Yep Tesco's.

It’s a classic shift dress. I usually wear it with my Chanel pearls,but sadly they were stolen.

I like to wear something to cover my old lady arms, but I always struggle finding a cardigan in my wardrobe to wear with it. I really need to buy a black one. But after trying on several, I settled on my favourite Anthropologie one. I have worn this cardigan to death since I bought it. I added an Anthropologie stretchy belt to give the dress a bit more definition.


Then I added my yellow ballet pumps, just £4 from Primark ! My gorgeous yellow ones from Paris have bitten the dust. I wore them until they died on my feet.


Oh and of course a chignon. I did try a bun, but I have recently lost half of my hair (another story) so it was a bit gappy and I gave up. So a quick twist of my meagre locks and one curved comb, and voila ! A bit messy, but I hate hairspray and the “ helmet ” look.

You’ll laugh at my attempt to “ model “ the outfit


  I don’t think the beautiful Peony Lim needs worry about my attempt to replicate one of her poses.

I LOVE her website that I found recently.

She wears some beautiful clothes. But then it massively helps that she is stunningly, beautiful and SLIM.

Oh well, I tried.


Scrappi Sandi said...

I have that very same dress!! Sadly not bought in the sale, so it cost me an extortionate £15.00...not much chance of fitting into it at the moment though :(

alexa said...

It's a super colourway and you look great in it. :) Sunshine-y yellow is just glorious .. Was hoping for a glimpse of the pumps though!


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