Tuesday, 5 July 2011

lonely male

seeks lady to apply his suntan lotion to his back.

Must have sense of humour and own teeth, preferable.



I have had to abandon Hubby in Spain. He will be at this moment sat on this beach with a group of Spanish OAPS.

Within days of returning from Paris we flew out for a holiday at our apartment in Spain. I suffered dreadfully with the pain for days. The beds and furniture are too low for me with my disc problems. I had to take LOADS of drugs just to cope , which resulted in me sleeping constantly and then back in pain because I’d laid down.

I tried everything.

But it all became too much for me at 4am Sunday night. I wanted to come home. Back to my normal routine. I can cope at home with the pain, as I have adapted my life here. I don’t think anyone believes me when I say I stand all day. But when you are on a “relaxing” beach holiday, sitting and laying down are your only options. Because of the drugs I found it hard to stand all day doing nothing. But then I couldn’t do much else. The drugs made me lose my appetite and Hubby had to fend for himself.

So yesterday when Hubby woke up I told him I wanted to come home. So that is where I am now. Stood in my home. The flight cost an arm and a leg, but I couldn’t wait any longer. My in laws stayed with me last night and they said I looked drawn and grey when I arrived home. But they assure me I look better today.

So poor hubby is all on his own for a few days until our daughter joins him. But he will get a rest and I didn’t want to spoil anyone's holiday any longer.



Scrappi Sandi said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you had to cut your holiday short...I had high hopes that you would experience the same magic you did last time out there!! Poor Chris in Paris too...what are you two like?!!! But at least you did get to do something together...even if it was visit a burial site!! It's a place that's on my Bucket List BTW...fascinating back story! Here's to you getting back into a pain controlled routine & hopefully tying up all the loose ends from the burglary!...Oh! & I'm with you...wouldn't want to know his identity either!! C U Soon! x

alexa said...

So sorry you are still in such pain, and hope it ease snow you are home in familiar surroundings. Hopefully Chris will be fine!

Anonymous said...

Bet Chris had a bloody lovely time. Does he have a nude coloured swimming hat on in this photo Karen??? Where is the attractive photo of you in your turban??? We need to see it Mrs Aldrin. xxx Lots of love Mrs R


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