Monday, 25 July 2011

It’s a sign I’m getting old


I have on my Sky plus, a couple of shows that I have to watch, whenever I am bored.

It drives my family mad.

I must be old.  Because the object of my desire is a young, gay man !!

I loved him in a previous programme that he won.

I was super excited to see him taking part in another of my favourite singing programmes.

The anticipation of the Sunday night programme kept me going on holiday.

Yep, I’m old. Popstars to Operastar is one of my favourite programmes. I’m so sad it’s finished, but at least I still have my two saved programmes to watch.

And at full volume.

Over and over again

Tasmin said she’s going to delete them.

I told her she had better start searching for somewhere else to live……


Cheryl was so good in her performance below, she nearly pipped him at the post.

But luckily my 1000 phone votes meant Joe won. I better hide the phone bill from hubby when it comes………..

1 comment:

Scrappi Sandi said...

I'm afraid I'm with Tasmin on this one!!! ;)


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