Thursday, 21 July 2011

A girls dream come true



Hubby has obviously been reading this little book I got for him. ( I got a small magnifying glass with it, not because he needs glasses and is too vain to get his eyes tested,though )


This passage is very important. I like my own space. I have been sleeping on my own for several years. It is bliss .

But what’s this Hubby has moved out of his bedroom, next to mine.


He’s moved into our son's room. There is no way Ryan's going to be able to move back home now.





Well, the best bit was, he also moved all his toiletries into the rooms bathroom.






That means I get this bathroom all to myself now. Yahhhhhhhhh

2011 July19

I’ve started filling the cabinet already……..


No more toothpaste all over the lid. Marks on the sink and being woken up as he gets ready for work.

A girls dream come true…………

It makes for a very happy marriage………….

If a tad unconventional.

But I know you girls are all jealous out there……………….


Anonymous said...

We have slept in separate rooms for years now - I suffer from insomnia and was gradually driving him crazy. At first it was weird and now I love it. A big bed all to myself and I can read from 2am - 5am if I want. To me it is the most civilised way to live, others find it most odd.

Scrappi Sandi said...

Too right I am!!....I think Lee might agree to something similar...but because of MY snoring!!

Sandra said...

You lucky girl, although I'm assuming you still need to clean up after him lol .... Pallit


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