Monday, 11 July 2011

congratulations to Judith


my long-time “ glam ” friend.


She is like a dog with two dicks. Brimming with happiness as she has just secured a job as a fit model.

She has been bored since returning to live from Spain. She toyed with the idea of becoming a cupcake queen, returning to theatre land on the West End stage. But when she was at a loss to find clothes to fit her, more mature figure, I pointed her in the direction of one of my favourite shops.

They are pretty generous with their sizing. This then got her thinking she might be able to return to her old career as a “fit model”. So drastic measures where in order. Severe dieting and much texting/emailing to me. She was sick with jealousy, as I was doing weight watchers and tucking into Mc Flurry's and cakes and losing weight and she was on beans with a stock cube.

But it was all worth it as when she went to be “measured ". It would seem that her bits (thanks to some scaffolding by Rigby & Peller) are now all correct for a UK size 12.

But wait a minute what is a “fit model” ?????

I was asked this very question by another friend of mine who had been talking to Judith..

The definition of the English slang for “fit” (here) doesn’t seem to apply in Judith's case !……………………….


maybe its because she has a “fit” body………….
Oh no whoops that was a picture of me……….
Maybe it is for her physical fitness. I mean she loves ball sports.
I mean its hard to keep up with her sometimes..
It was hard to find  a definition of “ fit model” but this was the  best I could come up with from the internet.

  • Fit modelling is about sizing the garment to fit a true size. Fit models possess exact measurements for the size they try on. These models work in the realm of fashion with none of the glam or glory. They stand for endless hours, being measured and pinned, while tailors alter and adjust sizing for the sample garments. The majority of fit modelling occurs within the Fashion Marts where designers have offices and showrooms.

Oh and a little side note: here is the image Judith was referring to in her comment on my recent blog.
Anonymous said...

Bet Chris had a bloody lovely time. Does he have a nude coloured swimming hat on in this photo Karen??? Where is the attractive photo of you in your turban??? We need to see it Mrs Aldrin. xxx Lots of love Mrs R


There you go.

I’m not shy in sharing an image of me, after being in pain for days. I’d forgotten to take any hair things on holiday and I had to use my favourite scarf to keep my naturally fuzzy hair away from my face.

Beware Judith I have lots more images of you I could use…. LOL

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

My husband loved the photo of you Karen holding on to your breasts. His first question was '' Bloody Hell, how old is that photo" ??? and the second was " Bet it takes more than her hands to hold up those giant bloody puppies". With love The R family. xxxx


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