Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Stop the traffic, again




Her Royal Highness, the Potters Bar Princess is here.


My niece was chosen to lead the carnival. From her sunny smile you couldn’t  tell that it poured with rain the entire day. And to add to that ,it was freezing. She never moaned once, as she walked around a muddy field, greeting everyone.


My other niece had to walk the route in costume. The perfect costume to keep her quiet.


Under that mask, was a runner up for the princess title. Maybe next year we’ll unmask her.


My “younger” sister was brimming with pride.

(ha ha Andrea, that pays you back for my Anniversary card)


Andrea said...

all i can say is you biatchhhhhh ha ha thankgod my friends dont look at this ,love your new sofas think you should make me some cushions in that spotty fabric they are lovely,just to apologise.x

Scrappi Sandi said...

Phew!! I go away for a week & you write a bloody epic!! All caught up now...Project Life is looking good...I remember you creating some of those early LO's, especially the Mac & Cheese one!...sofa's look wonderful..I bet you are sitting more comfortably now, well I hope so!! See you soon! :)

p.s. Don't know what to recommend re Blogger/Livewriter issues...I was having some problems myself before my hols & have definitely seen that 'Error 500' message. I must admit that I do copy pics for my blog into a seperate 'Blog' file & reduce the size in picassa before using them in my blog, so maybe it is the space that your photo's take there a limit to the space in a blog? I wonder?


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