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is what lead me to blogging.

I started this blog to showcase my layouts. I started scrapbooking over 5 years ago. I had wandered into an Archivers store whilst on holiday in Chicago. I was in awe of all the products on offer. Each time I visited I would wander around the shop, I wasn’t aware of any shops in the UK where I could buy any such products.

IMG_8216-1So on the return from one of these holidays I went into a stationary shop and found the ugliest album with some stash for the sale price of £10. I walked around for a bit and then went back to buy it. I sat at my dining room table trying to work out what I should do. I remembered a garden centre that had a craft session, so I drove there and talked to the owner. She showed me a sample of her scrapbook and I bought some extra stash and away I went.

I’m embarrassed to show you my first scrap layout. It’s hidden away in that crappy old album in a drawer.



I was also new to the web when I started scrapping. So I started learning to Google and I was away. I found UKS the scrapping forum for UK scrappers, and then I found little scrapbook shops dotted around my area.

But the biggest influence on me was a copy of Creative Keepsakes that my Hubby bought me back from Chicago. I devoured that magazine. I started to live, breath and dream about scrapbooking. My creative juices were in full flow. I bought more stash and kept it all, in a wheelie tote bag. This was the time when I made most of my favourite layouts. Bizarrely cropping and more stash has made my creative juices dry up.


In the old days I had a little book, where I wrote down ideas, quotes and kept notes on LO’s I liked.

Now I see the new SMASH book by K&Co is the latest scrapbook craze. It made me remember this old journal and I’ve dug it out again.

If I could get my hands on a SMASH book, it might get my juices flowing again.

2011 June 8th

So I thought I would share with you some of my favourite layouts from my early years.

2011 June 8th1

I scrapbook to tell the story of my family. To have a hobby that will leave glimpses of the past, that I want remembered, long after I have left the planet.

l almost need to go back to that old bag of stash and the dining room table. I never seem to have the time needed to sit and ponder, and sort through my stash anymore. I keep waiting for the moment when I am “ bored ” and have nothing to do, like the old days. My days are filled to bursting now. Not being able to sit and having to stand on the spot is too painful now. Even surfing the net has to be done standing and the fact I can’t seem to concentrate anymore, doesn’t help.

How have you kept your scrapping mojo going ?

What motivates you to record your families life ?

I would love to see your first scrap attempt. Dare you share ?

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