Thursday, 9 June 2011

Project Life–Week nineteen

I know this maybe a bit boring showing you these past Project Life pages, as I have shared so many of the pictures from my trip to Chicago.

It seems such a long time ago now. I look back to it with fond memories. I always have the best time there.


All of the pages can be clicked on to make them larger. I have been loading them slightly smaller in scale on my blog. To see if it helps with my current blogging problem.


I thought I’d share a funny story with you,  from yesterday . Hubby went to transfer some of the funds needed for our purchase of our rental apartment this week. In the bank the teller said she would have to check with her boss if the transaction was OK. Imagine Hubbys surprise when the teller returned to say the boss had said it was OK. She knew all about the apartment from reading my blog !!!!!!

How funny is that. So, hello Caroline. Thanks for reading my blog. Plus, you’ll be glad to hear, I have some more holidays coming up this month !

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