Thursday, 9 June 2011

Project Life- Week twenty two

here’s a shot of my scraproom notice board. The sheet is a list of Project Life prompts for those days when I have no idea what to take a picture of.


It’s VERY frustrating at the moment, as I am having serious problems posting my blogs. It keeps coming up –server error 500. Has anyone any idea what I should do?

In order to make a post, I have to reduce my content and resize the images, to much smaller than I would like.

Left hand side


Right hand side


The top photo is of some amazing peonies I bought at Lidls. They were huge and the best I have ever bought.

Phoebe do you now see, that your trendy low fringe is not that becoming.



Yes that sweeping fringe.


Why are teenagers so up for looking like they have just been in a wind tunnel.


I must be getting old ?

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alexa said...

Your comments to Phoebe made me smile! Such a shame you are having uploading problems, but your pages still shine through - I am impressed at how you are keeping up with it. And the prompt idea for "I can't think" days is a super one.


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