Sunday, 19 June 2011

maybe the card wasn’t appropriate





Its Fathers Day here in the UK today. My son had pre bought this card for his dad. But after the happenings here in the last few days, I couldn’t stop laughing when I read the card.





Why you might wonder? This message of “support ” from a friend on Facebook will give you a clue.

I love my friend Karen. Only she can get burgled and worry that she hadn't made her bed and put the ironing away. We always knew she was a dirty cow really. Oh, did they take any cup cakes on the way out????”

Friday was a bad day for me as my pain was through the roof and I was having trouble getting about. I told my physio that it felt like my hip bone was broken. I struggled to get to my osteopath for treatment and whilst I was there. Burglars smashed lots of windows and stole our jewellery and my new camera.

For the first time I wasn’t able to make my bed, or clean the shower. I even had left my heat pad on, in my bed. My MIL was shocked as she’d never seen me leave a house like that in 28 years. Things were all over the floor in my sons room and I couldn’t pick anything up.

My son came home just after I’d left, and thought, “boy, mum is really cross with me this time for the state of my room.” He rung his dad to say, “I can’t believe mums smashed up my chest of drawers!!!!”

He then looked into his sisters room, and to her embarrassment he thought that looks normal !!!


But it was the state of my room that made him realise we had been burgled.

He then discovered Teddy was locked in the sitting room and our dog Buzz's ashes were scattered on the carpet.

Thank God Teddy wasn’t locked into his caged area that day. He would have been hit with flying glass and china.

As it is, we know he would have gone to investigate, but so far he seems unscathed. There was glass from multiple windows and china from a large plant pot, everywhere. And I mean everywhere. Splinters are even embedded in the wall. As I found out a bit too late.

As you would expect they took my DSLR camera . But I’m really not that bothered, after all it’s replaceable. It’s just sad my pictures will be a bit crap for my Project Life. It’s particularly annoying as I had, after six months, finally finished watching my Erin Cobb video, how to use my Photoshop programme. I had just got the hang of it, and that very day I had found out how to resize my images, after a year of trying!.

They also took my external hard drive for my computer. So all my religious backing up of all my images, was for nothing. That's 2 bloody external hard drives gone in 6 months.

It turned out they also robbed our next door neighbour. So we didn’t feel so targeted.

But everything has a silver lining. Tasmin tidied her entire room !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’m just off to get Teddy from under the bed, where he’s hiding. Who knows what that dog saw.



Thanks to everyone's for their kind messages on Facebook and text.


Dawn said...

I know you're not the huggie type of person but I so want to just reach out and give you that hug, so it will have to be a cyber hug xxx

Michelle said...

Oh dear - but I am reading between the lines that you seem to be OK with it and not taking the intrusion to much to heart! Nice to see that you are sunny side up person! Your right, it's all just stuff and replaceable (if insured!!)

Sandra said...

Oh my gosh, you poor thing. I have to say you're a very strong woman and are dealing with this in the best possible way.

Jo.C said...

That's terrible news but you are right that belongings can be replaced. Hope everything and don't let them get you down. Thinking about you xx

kym said...

Karen that's so awful...I have been waiting for a blog update this week and could'nt belive what I was reading...I makes me feel bad about the fuss I made when my selfridges shopping was stolen from the car this week..there really are some evil people out there..take care xx

Jocelyn said...

What a horrible thing to happen to your family!!!! Makes me so angry that someone could do this!!!

Sending hugs to you!!!!


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