Friday, 6 May 2011

What’s this?

another tea party.


Yep, there were tea pots, party dresses, flowers and cakes.

Well that was the idea. There was no stopping these two when they saw the cake stand.


You may not recognise the little girl, Lily Anne. She’s one of my oldest friends grand daughter. I was lucky enough to photograph her when she was just 3 days old.


Or her brother Alfie , who was the first child I photographed when I was first learning to use my camera.


They are a dream to photograph, with their huge eyes.

Amy asked me a while back if I’d take some new photos. We had hoped to take some in the bluebell woods. But as we have both been so busy, we missed that window of opportunity. So my garden would have to do.

I have been in some serious pain this last week, after spending the day sitting at my computer editing my Tea Party photos for a My Publisher photo book. The pain has knocked me for six and I am seriously thinking the time has come for an operation. I can’t take much more. I did the entire photo shoot with loads of painkillers, a back brace and tons of adrenaline.

I was thrilled with the photos. But the editing will have to wait until I can sit at my computer screen again. I have quickly played around with some. The other 180+ ones will have to wait.




whilst I was taking this photo, this was going on behind us !!!!



I am off to Chicago tomorrow for a short break. It’s a surprise from my husband for our Anniversary as he knows how much I love going there. He shall be busy working day and night and I am hoping I will be able to enjoy myself as I normally do. But as sitting is a major problem, I’m seriously worried how I will cope. Driving is an issue, watching TV in bed is an issue and my favourite time waster of all, reading the magazines at Barnes & Noble will no doubt be a no go. So I haven’t made any real plans for my stay. I shall deal with each day as it comes. I fully expect to work my way through all of Shimelles blogging workshop prompts and hopefully, I will finally get to watch my Clean colour video I bought from Erin Cobb months ago.

Here's hoping my garden will not look like a desert when we return next week. It did the last time we went away during hot weather. Our charity garden opening is just 48 hours after we return. So fingers crossed the in laws will water it enough this time.

Here’s what it looked like a few days ago.

2011 May AMY

fingers crossed they’ll all still be alive.

Oh and Linda, here’s a snap of the basket I made with your lovely flower gift.


Thank you. X

PS Teddy says Hi.



Scrappi Sandi said...

Stunning photo's of the little ones...just a shame you were in so much pain while taking them!

Have an awesome time in Chicago...I'm sure the change of scenery will do you the world of good, not to mention the 'welcome' cookies!! Get down in that pool for some physio too!!

The good news is we're forecast rain this week, so hopefully your garden will survive just fine!!

rockchickhelen said...

What a bunch of cuties, great photos.


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