Saturday, 14 May 2011

Sandra do not read……

Stop now Sandra, you will suffer from serious product envy if you read on. I warned you…….

Well I headed down town with a drawn map, for a trip that should take 45minutes. On my map I had marked a spot as the point I could go wrong. Yep I was right.

After almost 2 hours I finally arrived at the salon.

At the spot I had marked I did indeed take the wrong road. Not to worry I thought as American roads run in parallel lines so it would be easy to just turn down an adjacent road.I must have picked one of the only diagonal roads to have to get to.

So I had to turn around and retrace my steps. Luckily I had allowed 2 hours for just this sort of dilemma. Even though I took the wrong road I am pretty proud of myself,as I realise not many women would set out on such a journey in a foreign Country. In a car they have never driven, on the wrong side of the road.

IMG_8992I arrived very hot as it was over 80*. But the salon was lovely and Kati was super nice. I explained to her that she shouldn’t be deceived by how straight my hair seemed. That straightness was hiding, strong rebellious, fuzzy hair. But of course I heard the usual “ I pride myself on my blow drying skills.”

Well I did warn her.

She said my current hairstyle suits my hair type, even though I get told I am too old for long hair. That it would be a definite mistake to cut it any shorter. So I decided to stay with my current style and have some long layers cut into it. She then proceeded to try and dry my hair into a bouncy style I love from watching Real housewives of Orange County. After an hour I think she was beginning to believe my previous warnings about my hair.  She struggled, as everyone does to make my hair look smooth and polished. So I left with bouncy curls with an air of frizz. Hubby was surprised how different I looked. But I must admit I couldn’t wait to get my GHDs at it. I HATE frizz, even with bounce…..


The only problem  I noticed the next day,  is that she had cut my fringe, as everyone always does. Straight across.  I HATE a straight fringe on my hair. It is hell to maintain, and my hair had such a natural kink that it never stays looking straight.  I always cut the front myself in to an angle on both sides, so I am counting the weeks to it getting back to normal.

Of course no one (hubby ) thought to take a picture of me that evening.So the only picture I have is of me in the car visor on the way back to the hotel. Shot on my point and shoot, so it’s a bad quality picture.


I just realised as I posted the original blog I hadn’t included the post in relation to Sandra's envy.

I popped back into Sephora to buy some hair products ,when I heard the sale lady telling the person in front of a promotion in the store for that day only. Now it was 87* outside, but I run as fast as I could to a shop outside the mall to buy the cheapest bottle of shampoo I could and then proceeded to empty it !!!!!!


Only to return to Sephora to be given these.



$50 worth of free Ojon hair products.

I only had minutes to return running back to the hotel to met Hubby.

I then made him return to the store with another 99c bottle of empty shampoo for yet another bag of Ojon goodies.

See, I warned you Sandra not to read this post.

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Scrappi Sandi said...

he he he!!! I'm glad you'll now be using some seriously good hair product!! Not envious at all!!! I love your fringe by the way & big hair suits you (eat your heart out Cheryl Cole!!)...& LOL at the stylists confidence at her blowdry skills!! I bet she'll be talking about the challenge your hair presented for weeks!!!


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