Monday, 2 May 2011

The Queen was out

when we popped around to her home over the Easter break. She obviously didn’t know we were coming.


She was obviously otherwise engaged, sorting out things for the Royal Wedding. I had hoped the gardens would be lovely to look around and give us some inspiration for our Garden opening. But it’s fair to say she obviously isn’t much of a gardener.


We had a lovely day looking around Sandringham and I must be old now, as I bought a Royal wedding commemoration tin of teabags. We even sat in the car eating our picnic. It could have been worse. We saw an elderly couple sat by their car on the Sandringham road, with a wind breaker, garden sunbed recliners and a flask. Shot me when I get like that. Please.

IMG_3518We arrived slightly early at the B&B, so I whipped out my camera to snatch some shots. Imagine my embarrassment when the owners, Libby & Robin drove around the corner and wound down their window, to say hi !

Caught in the act…………..

2011 April Easter Weekend1

We had quite a giggle, as things happened to us, exactly as they had in the programme. I had a troubled sleep under the quilt “made of concrete”. There were some hairs that didn’t belong to us in the bathroom !! And I nearly pissed myself, as I watched one of our fellow guests, discreetly removing a hair from her breakfast.

Libby and Robin were a beautiful couple. It was with amazement that they told us they had lived in their home since the early 1960’s. They are truly lucky to live in such a beautiful home. They have created a beautiful garden. That takes years to achieve.

2011 April Easter Weekend2




We spent our last day in Norfolk at Holkum. As I can’t sit down and relax, we decided we would take the pathway and walk to Wells Beach. It was lovely and sheltered, and then we walked back along the beach.

Imagine my surprise when we found out later, my friends were sat right in front of us.

Sheltering on the sand dunes….


Then it was a longggggggg journey home, laid in the back of the car.

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Scrappi Sandi said...

You mean that you DON'T always keep a picnic table & windbreak in the boot of your car?!! Maybe if you start you should put a shotgun in with them!!! I bought a commerative tin of biscuits, so I think it's allowed!!!


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