Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Pass or fail ?

Tasmin took her driving test yesterday……..


Pass ?????


or fail ?????

She thought she had passed, but maybe there were some clues in what happened during the test. The driving examiner asked her to repark somewhere “safely”, maybe the corner of a junction wasn’t such a good place. Plus, he on reflex put his hand out to the dashboard to save himself at one point. He also asked her repeatedly to go at her “normal"speed when he was about to ask her to do a manoeuvre. She was confused 20mph WAS her normal speed!

I’m afraid when she was recounting her test later, we all laughed so much at her expense, that Hubby nearly shocked to death.


Oh well. we looked on the bright side.

At least I won’t have to buy her a car anytime soon.

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