Monday, 30 May 2011

one down, one to go

Over this Bank Holiday weekend, Ryan has been moving into his apartment. I have been mainly the spectator, my job has been done. I have spent the last few weeks photographing items for the apartment. If I buy them, Ryan insists he doesn’t want or like them. but I have found if I show him an image, he happily pops to the shop and makes the purchase. So it has been great to see lots of my ideas come together in the flat. But I am particularly happy to see the choices Ryan has made on his own, has certainly met my exacting standards admirably.

He is certainly a chip of the old block.


3 days it has taken Chris to put all the complicated furniture together. Thank God for handy Dads ( Granddads ) ( and girlfriends )

2011 May moving in


2011 May Ryans flat 29th

But this is where you will find the rest of us most of the time, leaving Hubby to it.

2011 May moving in1

Late last night, Hubby’s jobs were coming to an end. Just Ryan’s new 3D TV to sort out. The poor neighbours. He has bought a sound bar (?) It fills the apartment with surround sound (and bass). No one is going to be getting much sleep in this neighbourhood.

A TV like that comes with a LOT of leads. Every one of his  (many ) game consoles are also fed into it.

2011 May Ryans flat 29th1

“ erg ,what about this one Ryan ? ”


Oh, and before you go Dad, could you just put up 3 wardrobes…………

Oh, and a picture…………


unfortunately Ryan is just missing one vital ingredient for the apartment. A BED !!!!!!

It hasn’t arrived yet.

I think it’s a ploy to continue living at ours, to keep his apartment tidy.

And so that he doesn’t have to start a bit of reading.



Scrappi Sandi said...

It's all looking good...great shot of 'Girlfriend' being handy with a go girl!!!

BTW...Sorry to have missed you but glad you like the pressie!!! :)

alexa said...

A working party looks like a great idea in getting it all sorted. How's your own coming along?


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