Tuesday, 24 May 2011



I knew all that Ojon shampoo and conditioner would come in handy.

Teddy is moulting bad, and as I don’t get his coat clipped, he gets a bit smelly and matted.

So Saturday was wash day.


The only problem is, he goes mental the second he gets out of the shower. He rubs himself on anything to dry, including my newly changed bed !!


We then walked down to Ryan's apartment for a “snag” visit and for the saleslady to go through everything in the block and apartment. He starts moving in this Friday. So I was looking forward to our days/weekends being ours again.


No more trips to furniture shops . No more phone calls to the solicitors.

But somehow I ended up buying one of the remaining apartments!!! The show flat… I’ve been in it so many times and never gave it a moments thought that it could be mine.



But when a friend pointed out it could be a good rental investment and then I found out she is considering buying one of the other remaining ones. We acted quickly.

It feels the right thing to do. It could act as a first home for Tasmin in the future and who knows it might make a great retirement pad for us.

So it looks like we are back to the shops again.

Will I never get to watch my Erin Cobb Clean Colour video?

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alexa said...

Oh my goodness - I don't think I'll ever find myself making a decision like that so fast! Hope you enjoy all the shopping and furnishing, and getting it ready ...


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