Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Not again ?

What shall I have for lunch I thought?

Should it be a coconut chocolate humongous ice cream or a slice of sausage pizza. Mmmmm decisions……..

I walked to the malls food court with these questions going around my brain. Imagine my surprise when I discovered it has been knocked down!!!

A new one being built in its place. So new decisions had to be made. I plumped for


Noodles & Co. A spicy Penne pasta with parmesan chicken .

Lots of things have changed since my last visit in 2010. The good thing is, it has taken me out of my comfort zone and I’ve tried tried new things.

I have the dilemma today of where to eat for breakfast/lunch and dinner. Hubby is working day and night today, so I will be on my own. I am sure I will manage. LOL

IMG_8936Well, I had another successful day of shopping ,and I only looked at a quarter of the shops.

More clothes from Anthropologie and a bargain from J Crew. I was debating whether I needed another grey top, but it was on 50% sale from $88. Imagine my surprise when I went to pay for it and it had been reduced further to $20. Result.

IMG_5469The weather forecast is really good for us here this week.

Ignore those rain showers, no rain in sight.


I returned to the hotel to get ready for our Anniversary meal at the Signature Room at the top of the Hancock Tower. Hubby returned earlier than expected, because the jewellers he has been dealing with had a watch waiting for him and they shut at 6pm. They kept the store open especially for us.



Can you see that little smile on his face.

He should be bloody grinning from ear to ear as I bought him a Breitling Navitimer watch (GULP) for our Anniversary and his upcoming 50th Birthday.

He’s wanted one ever since we bought our son one, for his 18th birthday.





A friend of Hubbys had rung ahead to the restaurant. He knew the manager and  made sure we got a prime seat,


right next to the windows looking down from the 95th floor of the Hancock Tower.

2011 May Chicago hancock1

and then for pudding a little surprise.


All in all a perfect day.


Scrappi Sandi said...

Sigh!!! Again!!! That certainly sounds like the perfect day!! was the tower swaying as you ate?...& did you get into the ladies room for some uninterrupted panoramic shots?!!!

alexa said...

Wow - you are really living the high life! Hope every moment is memorable and enjoyable.


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