Wednesday, 11 May 2011

More shopping


Somehow I filled an entire day at the mall “over the road.”

IMG_8985I spent hours through out the day/night browsing through magazines and books at Barnes & Noble.

Along with a little nourishment from a cinnamon scone from the Starbucks in store.



IMG_8960-1I spent about an hour looking through a beautiful book by Barbara Streisand.It was amazing. It is full of pictures of her beautiful homes. She has a flair for interior design and gardening. One of her homes has an entire street built into the basement. With doll shops, a sweet shop and even an antique shop. The attention to detail in everything was amazing. Well worth a look if you ever find it in a book store.


I relaxed over an Alfresco lunch at California Pizza. It was so hot I sat outside on the terrace looking through Pottery Barn catalogues.


I ordered a SALAD. The only place in the entire World where I have ever done this.






God knows how, but I managed even more shopping !!!!

And I still have a third of the shops to go?






I returned to our room, just as Hubby was going out for dinner with his clients. He had left me a pile of brownies and cookies.

He’s a feeder for sure.

I was very good I resisted.


I have done something major today. I have booked myself a hair appointment in a hair salon downtown in Chicago. I saw it highly recommended in In Styles hair magazine. That's was major enough for me. But I am going to have to drive myself there in an automatic car !! with no Never Lost in the car, no phone credit and just pieces of paper as a map !!!!

Wish me luck I need it.

Hilary I need you as the navigator……

and Sandra you can be the back seat driver again…….


Sharon said...

Automatics are easy peasy (most north american cars are auto) just put it in D and go ;)
I love reading your blog! (I moved to Canada 23 yrs ago from North Yorkshire.

Hilary J said...

Just on my way to the airport - be there soon....

Scrappi Sandi said...

Hang on Hilary...I'm right behind you (I know my place!!) Oh & Karen...if you're not going to eat that cookie...........

alexa said...

Sounds as if you're having a great time! and admiring your stamina... Hope you get to your destination and looking forward to seeing the result :).


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