Monday, 9 May 2011

I’m distraught

Sandra, Hilary you will understand my pain.

IMG_5158At the moment I am “over the road”. Yesterday I was “over the road” and I thought it was just a blip. But today it is official. Panera no longer make cinnamon scones. (insert devastated face.) Do they not realise I have flown across the World, endured pain on the flight, put up with Hubbys incessant snoring, just for a daily, cinnamon scone.

I have tried to not let it ruin my trip, I have had  to resort to other ways of getting my fix. SHOPPING.

As Sunday was the only day I will get to share with Hubby, we spent the day down town on Michigan Avenue. The weather is amazing and this week it’s going to get real hot. But it seems very weird to be surrounded by spring flowers. Their flowers are about a month behind ours in the UK.


(taken by a man with serious camera envy)

IMG_5198It was mothers Day, so I lucked out in getting to celebrate it again. Hubby, as many of you know,  likes to ask if there are any offers or deals to be had. So imagine my surprise when we stocked up on our Kiehls  products and the lady gave me a full sized product I love, FREE!!! Just for us asking and it was Mothers Day.

IMG_5217-1Then it was off to Anthropologies new up town store. I nearly hyper-ventilated when I saw this lampshade.

God knows how we will get it home. I will wear it as a hat if I have to.

I purchased some more clothes to load Hubby up a bit more.

Then it was off for a little watch shopping for Hubby, but more of that later.


She sure does, love cupcakes!!.

This store hadn’t opened on my last trip, so it was top of my list for this visit. There was a long queue out of the door, but it gave us time to make important decisions over which cupcakes to choose. Hubby choose a chocolate marshmallow, I went for chocolate coconut and I added a peanut butter one for us to share. Hubby thought they were no better than mine, but I must say they were very moist and delicious.



we were suitably stuffed for our next leg of shopping and just generally enjoying the beautiful weather.

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Andrea said...

im looking forward to seeing the pic on the plane with your new hat on !x


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