Saturday, 14 May 2011

Homewards bound

or so I thought.

After we left our lunch date, hubby got a message from the jewellers where we had bought his watch that his watch winder had arrived.

I was hoping it wouldn’t arrive until after we had left. But we had to drive to downtown Chicago to pick up the box.

Now our cases were full to bursting with all the things I had bought. But hubby had assured me the “watch winder” shouldn’t be too big.

He was a bit taken back when he was greeted by a humongous box that needed a suitcase all of it’s own. They removed all the packaging and it didn’t seem so bad. I still had to remove all my essentials from my carry on suitcase to accommodate it though.

I mean who needs a bloody watch winder?? It would seem someone who can afford a Breitling needs to have something/someone to move his watch for him!!!  Hubbys watch movement self winds. As you move around in a day it winds itself up. Our son has the same mechanism, and in the 6 years he’s had it, it’s never needed to be wound up. But hubby negotiated for the bloody watch winder to be included as apart of his watch deal. He likes to get as much as he can for his money , whether we need it or not !!!

I nearly pissed myself laughing when I saw the machine in action. It has to be plugged in and turns the watch in different directions. Now my Hubby monitors our energy consumption in our house. Searching out that extra light that is unnecessarily turned on. Quite why we need a watch winder plugged in whilst he’s asleep is beyond me.


2011 May 11th Gino_11

Hubby would like to point out that I got the name of his watch wrong. Apparently I bought him a Aeromarine Chrono Superocean .

It’s safe to dive down to 1,650ft, which I am sure hubby will find useful in the bath and in our Spanish apartments swimming pool !!!!

He likes to point out these useless facts to me. He even asked me to stroke it the other day.. He was admiring how smooth the strap is ?

I had to keep telling him the lights had turned green,  for go, when we were driving in Chicago.  He was always polishing and staring lovingly at it!!!!

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