Saturday, 14 May 2011

Home sweet home

I was almost glad to get home from the heat of Chicago.

Our garden had mostly withstood our abandonment. The lawn was looking a bit worse for wear but hopefully the rain today will help it. Tomorrow is our garden opening, so hubby has been busy weeding and generally tidying up.

It took me ages to unpack and find homes for all the new things I have bought. Tasmin was super pleased with the new snuggly for the sofa that I bought her. (  I got myself one as well )


We all fight over the blankets we have for the sofas, so know we have our own ones. I used them all the time in Chicago. One made my journeys in the back of the car super comfy.

here’s a selection of some of my purchases from Chicago.


some low fat yummy pastries for my imminent diet.  A pasta sauce we can’t get here in the UK. A book stand from Anthropologie. Some super moist shredded coconut for cupcakes. (Does anyone know where I can buy this in the UK) A watering can! A Pottery Barn photo frame saying “I do” to add to my collection and a wooden plank ????


Some cherry blossom








and of course my Uggs


Please take note that I didn’t buy one piece of scrapbooking materials. I never even visited my two favourite stores. I figured it was a good idea to use up the stash I bought last June first……..


Jo.C said...

I don't know how you got it all home - glad you had such a great time :0)

Jo.C said...

Thanks Karen - I'll have to tell hubby about the duvet as he thinks he's hard done by :0)
I need talk I once brought a Tiffany style lamp home from Spain as I fell in love with it and learnt that if I go to America I travel light on the way out. Thanks for following.

alexa said...

You must have taken virtually nothing with you! Love the photo in pink :).


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