Saturday, 14 May 2011

Chicago friends

Part of the reason why we love visiting Chicago so much is the wonderful people we have met through Hubbys job.

After 13 years with the Company we still look forward to meeting up with everyone. Most of them have visited us here in the UK over the years and we look forward to showing them around again in the future.

The evening of my hair cut, hubby was starting to panic as I was so late back to the hotel. But I had hit rush hour so it took me a while to get back, at least I never got lost this time.

We headed out for an evening with Gino, Joanne and their new daughter Gianna.

Joanne had made fresh pizzas and a perfect green salad.

2011 May 11th Gino_1

Gino was his usual funny, entertaining self.


Gianna was so cute.


and I got to get my hands on my photo book I ordered from My Publisher. I can’t sing the praises of this company enough. The quality and price is always amazing. Ginos Dad allows us to have packages sent to his home, so it’s great to always fly to the States to pick up something I have previously ordered.

Here’s a snapshot of the new Anniversary Tea Party album. Its huge by the way.




and on the last page the happy couple.


The last day the temperature was up to a hot and humid 87*. I was almost glad to get home to some cool air.

Our last stop  (or so I thought ) was a lunch at our favourite restaurant L Woods. There waiting for us, were three of Hubbys other women in his life. Patti, Mirela and Bernie.


Beautiful food with beautiful people. What more could we ask for.

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Scrappi Sandi said...

Now this I am envious of!! I would love to have met Gino & Joanne...& how gorgious is that little tot!! Your photo book is gorgeous...I can't believe you gave Hilary & I our own double page spread!! I am honoured!!! Hmmmm?!! If L Woods WASN'T your last stop, I wonder what else you'll be revealing next post?!!!


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