Sunday, 29 May 2011

catching up with old friends

We used to meet up most Fridays for Chapman's sausages and mash with our best friends. But our friends abandoned us for the sunny, high life in Spain. But I’m glad to say they are back. So sausages and mash it was, around their new pad.





You would have thought they could have stretched to a bit more than sausages and mash with a pad like that. But when you have to pay six million for a house I suppose money is tight?





I dread to think what they would feed us, if they bought this ten million pound house we popped around.


I mean I even had to bring a batch of cupcakes to keep us feed.



Really we met up for me to use my new camera skills. I was at the homes to capture details around the properties, for their imminent sale.

There was one problem though, I spent my time snapping away avoiding any building materials. Always keeping them out of shot. But it turned out, that was exactly what Steve wanted to capture, “a work in progress.”

Luckily he managed to get a few of those shots as he randomly clicked away on his professional camera and lens, with no idea what he was doing and all in automatic. But I was pleased to put one of those professional lenses on my camera and click away in full manual mode. I was rather pleased with the fact that even though the light was dreadful ,almost all of my snaps had pin point sharpness.

This is to give you a small idea what six million will buy you in our neck of the woods.

2011 May house Steve

and ten million pounds

2011 May house Steve1

I told Steve it was a shame I had purchased the apartment last week, otherwise I might have been interested.

Hopefully we were good omens for them, as whilst I was shooting away at the gates someone stopped for information. And he got to get a full tour like us. So fingers crossed

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Melody Brotherton said...

Daaaannnngggg. That's some sweet real estate!!!!


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