Sunday, 10 April 2011

Who knew

that ladybirds are considered lucky ? I mean I knew about a rabbit’s foot , horseshoes and four leaf clover.

But I didn’t know until I took part in a online photography inspiration course, linked to St Patricks day about symbols of luck.

It would seem our house has a good share of lucky symbols linked to it. We found three old horseshoes in the garden when we moved in. They have until today sat together on a outside windowsill. But I think we will put them up on the walls of the house after reading this.

The Ladybird is considered a harbinger of good luck and prosperity. Well our house is FULL of ladybirds all year around. I have never lived in a house that has so many. They swarm on all the windowsills on a warm day. Even when I venture outside the front of the house is crawling with them. I have always wondered what attracts them to our house.

It would seem they have bought us some good luck.

Yesterday, Hubby sealed the deal on a beautiful new apartment for our son, here

We have what is considered the best plot on the small development of 14 apartments. Its original purchaser had to pull out due to the recent changes to Govt employment. So it unexpectedly went back up for sale. My sons best friend from Junior School is moving in to the one below him, along with another old football friend. The three of them played in the same football team since they were tiny.


Hubby had to do the deal as our son had to rush off for a football match. We had decided what we were going to pay and that we wanted to push for two car park spaces as a bonus. I disappeared into the show home, while the negotiation went on. Well all I can say is we came away VERY happy. We got everything we asked for. She asked afterwards was Hubby in sales as he is a real negotiator. I mean little did she know what she was up against, someone who negotiates massive deals as part of his job. I mean this was easy for him, she had no chance .

I mean he even got  a discount once on two sofas from Laura Ashley ! It would seem if you don’t ask you don’t get. But I do have to walk away when he is doing it, as I get the giggles.

The weirdest thing for us all is that our Son is just feet away from our first home. He has the same view I looked out on to 25 years ago. We know he will be very happy there, as it’s such a lovely place to live.

I was full of pride when the saleswomen said it was extremely rare for someone of our sons age, to have such a huge amount of money saved as a deposit. See, he is just like me. We find it hard to part with money. Our daughter should be in the same position if she continues to save almost all her wages, as she currently does.

Ryan asked me to make all the choices for flooring etc., that had to be made. He told the saleswoman I would be designing the entire apartment.

So I am all excited, especially that he should be in within 6 weeks.

Those ladybugs bought us some more good fortune yesterday. This was waiting for us in the post when we got home.


My head is buzzing with ideas, for the apartment.

Oh and for our garden.

I was in the middle of having a massive cooking session last week. The house stunk of fish from the fish pie I was making and there was debris everywhere from the two desserts I was putting together. The doorbell went. I thought it must be one of my brood, so I went to the door in my pinney, wafting of fish. There stood an older gentlemen. In that spilt second I was trying to establish if he was likely to be a serial killer or robber. But no, he was there  to ask if we would open our garden to the public for charity, as part of the Towns May festival.

2011 April 8




The problem is we have lost hundreds of pounds worth of plants from the severe cold this Winter. We have trees that are struggling to come to back to life and this was going to be the year we concentrated on the garden now the house is finished.




I said he could have a look to see if it was good enough. We are going to be in very esteemed company. Some of the garden open have been on Hubbys wish list for years. He said it was indeed good enough, so we have been busy weeding and restocking the borders, ready for our public début.

Anyway, I hope you all find some ladybirds scattered around your homes to bring you good luck as well. I am off to the land of Shamrocks tomorrow for a little break.


Michelle said...

If your going to be in Dublin - I would love to meet you for a tea and chat? Let me know. After reading your blog and sharing the same passions, I nearly feel I know you! LOL

Michelle said...

LOL your hotel is about 5 min drive from me! Strange!!! my email is and don't stress but it would be nice to meet even for a tea and chat!

Scrappi Sandi said...

Love this post, so full of good news & I am so looking forward to seeing your plans for the new apartment!! Not to mention seeing how you 'dress' the garden for your open day!! We always have ladybirds sunning themselves at the back of our house too & we had a veritable swarm last summer!!...I'd not heard the 'good luck' link either...but maybe they were involved my recent run of blessings!! Have a great trip!

alexa said...

Hope you have a lovely time in Ireland! We lost lots of plants too ... :(. Good luck with the new apartment!


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