Monday, 4 April 2011

Life gets in the way,

of me writing my blog. There seems to be always too much happening for me to have time to stand/sit  at my computer.

So this is a catch up of the last few weeks.

Spring has finally sprung in our house.


First would you like a couple of chuckles at my expense.

Remember those Winter clothes I was putting away.Well I had a favourite jumper dress. At a size 18, it was a bit too big for me, but I loved it. I thought before I put it away for the next six months, I had better give it a spin in the washing machine. So I popped it in the machine with a few other hand wash items. They were put on a cool hand wash cycle and this was the result.


Any 4 years olds out there need a dress?

Last Monday I went to my GP for a review of my medication. He thought I should try taking my anti-inflammatory tablets again. So I started taking them 3 times a day, as prescribed. They did indeed help with my pain, and I have felt soooooo much better this week. But there was one little problem, by Wednesday I had a bathroom problem. I was being woken in the night with strong stomach gripes. Every time I ate, resulted in a swift visit to the toilet. I was starting to feel a bit weak by Thursday night. Imagine my horror when I went to take my anti- inflammatory tablet with my dinner. Only to find, somehow another packet had joined them in the box.


Yep, unbeknown to me, I had been taking laxatives, three times a day!!!!

Spring is indeed in the air here. It looks like one of my chicks is about to flee the nest.



A house had come up for sale in the street where we first lived, when we married 25 years ago. It was perfect for my Son, just what he had been looking for.We live just around the corner, its perfect for the train to London and the price was right. Imagine my surprise that in less than 24hours. Somehow I was now buying it, and my Son had put in an offer on an amazing, brand new apartment opposite.

How did that happen?

I had been told that my Sons best friend from Junior School had just bought an apartment, in a new small development on the other side of the road. I never gave it a thought for Ryan. New builds are not our style.

So after our viewing of the house, we took Teddy for a walk back down the road and I said lets pop in and give the show home a once over. They were the same sort of price, so it would be good to compare.

We had no idea that we were about to walk into the PERFECT space for my Son. I was blown away, as was he. So over 24 hours, we discussed the pros and cons on both.

The house needs a lot of work. Hubby was extremely keen to get started (again). The apartment is the same price, about the same floor space, comes with a swish electric gated designated parking space. And two breath taking bathrooms !!! A swish trendy kitchen. And is extremely rentable.

But Hubby still wanted to go for the house. He was itching to get his tools out again. So somehow I found myself saying,  “go on then, you can buy it.”

BUT, at 5am in the morning I found myself thinking of the months ahead of him renovating yet another old house, me having to redesign another house full of rooms. And add to that an overgrown garden. As he walked through to the bathroom in the morning, I said “I’ve decided, I don’t want to buy the house.”

Thank God he replied “Me, to”

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alexa said...

Phew! Speaking what's in one's heart is clearly a good idea. :) Lucky escape! Love the daffs and the dolls' house ...


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