Tuesday, 19 April 2011

I have a few questions for you my blog readers

Now I doubt if it has gone unnoticed but you my blog readers that there is a Royal Wedding coming up next week. My lot are going to be very boring and won't be watching the live action on the TV. I have been wanting to organise "something" for the big day for ages. But our weather here in the UK is VERY unpredictable so it had been puttting me off.
But yesterday I realised that we too got married on the very same Bank Holiday weekend 25 years ago. So to celebrate our Silver Wedding Anniversary and the Royal Wedding I have decided to just risk it.I am having a Tea Party in the garden (hopefully).
Unfortunately because it's such short notice I am unsure if the people I would like to invite, can come. My sister is sadly unable to come as I found out she is organising a street party when she lives.
I have been writing lists everywhere about the fare I am going to offer, and what is needed to accomodate people.

I ran out in the garden in my dressing gown and put together an setting to suggest an Afternoon Tea scenario.Then with a bit of photoshop and digi scrapbook supplies I put together an invite. The only problem was I am always so drugged up or in pain I find concentrating a challenge. So although I am happy with the invite the sizing of its content is all wrong. Plus I can't find envelopes to fit the finished article.
So large ugly envelopes had to do and the  invites are all winging there way to all my guests.

Now I would LOVE some help from you guys. What would you consider the absolute essential fare I should be offering my party goers. I would appreciate it if you could complete the poll,that fingers crossed ,should be at the end of this post.
I am new to this sort of way of blogging. It isn't help by the fact I am writing this blog directly on my  blog site. I use Google Livewriter normally. Which even an idiot like me can use.
So here goes fingers crossed deep breath.
Ta da..................................


Dawn said...

I think they are all essential!!! but it only lets you choose one so I haven't done any :-)

Jinnag said...

I agree with Dawn - but I have been in and voted for my faves separately - so hope it doesn't screw your vote up too much. Hope the tea party is a great success - 0h and we celebrate our Silver Wedding this year too - so Congratulations! 1986 was avery good year J x

Colleen said...

A tea party sounds like a great idea! Have fun!


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