Saturday, 23 April 2011

Four in a bed for me.


Well, actually I like 1 in a bed.

But I love watching the programme, four in a bed on TV. The majority of B & B’s they show I wouldn’t want to stay in. We find it very hard to find anywhere that we’d like to sleep at, more than our own home.

But there was one property that really caught my fancy. The Manor House Farm.  I really liked the couple and their garden looked to die for. So Hubby has booked us a stay there in Norfolk this weekend.

The only problem is, I remembered a bit late that Libby had a problem with one of the obnoxious guests, as he wanted Wi-Fi. It’s a lovely rural retreat and so it’s very unnecessary.

But of course Wi-Fi is exactly what I usually need at 3am, when I am stood for hours waiting for the pain from my back to go. I’ll have to take with me my heat pad and 2 wheat bags and hope, fingers crossed, Libby has a microwave.

( Click on the image to see the TV clip. )


Hopefully, long walks along Holkum beach will knacker me enough to knock me out.


Scrappi Sandi said...

Hope you have a great stay!!

Michelle said... have a look here for some lovely ideas and printables for your Royal Wedding party.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen, Lovely to hear from you - I hope you have a brilliant time and manage to get loads of sleep.
It's lovely round there and we go quite a lot.

alexa said...

Hope it's wonderful and you have great walks and good sleep.


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