Monday, 18 April 2011

Did you miss me?

As usual the time has flown.

I don’t know where all the hours go at the moment.Weird as I have a couple of extra ones during the night compared to most people.I’m like clockwork at the moment ,my painkillers wear off at 3am (if I’m lucky)I have to wait an hour before I can take anymore and then at least another 30 minutes standing waiting for them to hit home.

So how comes I still never seem to have enough time?

I have joined Shimelles latest blogging class,so that should give me something other than the newspaper to read during the night. Hopefully, it will kick start my blogging and scrapbooking again. It usually does the trick.




Well, we headed out to Dublin last week.

As everyone in the UK knows.We had been spoilt with beautiful warm sunny weather.

So stupid me had a false sense of what I needed on the break. I went without a proper jacket/coat!!!!!!!



IMG_3175This is what I ended up looking like.

A refugee.

I started wearing every piece of clothing I had taken, whether it matched or not.I was freezing.

Thank God for my new Avoca long socks.They were so snuggly and kept the cold wind out.

But OMG what a sight I looked.

Someone nearly tripped over after staring at me. It was very funny.

Our hotel was part of an amazing deal we got on Travelzoo. The only downside was it’s about a 30 minute walk into the centre of Dublin. I love exploring a new City by foot, so this suited us fine.

IMG_3078The only problem is, like all Cities now. It seemed like we had landed in Poland/China or Africa. There didn’t seem to be any Irish left in the City.

Everyone who served us food anywhere over the three days was Polish!! We asked several taxi drivers about it and they said the number was now down 3/4 compared to a few years ago. We heard even the newspaper used to print a huge section in Polish .

To get our bearings and get a proper glimpse of the City we walked from our hotel at Croke Park in the North all the way to The Guinness Storehouse.We had free tickets as part of our deal. All I can say is, it’s a bloody long way for a free pint of Guinness.



I still have my ticket for mine.


It was worth it for the views over the City from the bar though.

2011 April 11-13th Dublin2

The City was a bit seedy, and we kept my camera firmly tucked away in my bag. That’s is one of the problems of exploring a City by foot, you have little idea that you could be walking into a dodgy area. Our taxi driver had already told us not to walk back to our hotel at night, through the surrounding streets.

IMG_3077-2Just outside The Guinness Factory we both noticed a man in a doorway acting suspiciously.

We were a tad shocked to finally notice what he was up to, in broad daylight.

Yep, a junkie.


Made me tell Hubby to hang on to my camera even harder.



After exploring every sight by foot on the second day, and a wee bit of shopping and lunch in Avoca, we returned to our hotel for our 3 course dinner, all part of our package. I had bought some delicious lemon meringue pies at a cake shop that was recommended  and I tucked into them over the three days at all hours of the night.

2011 April 11-13th Dublin3

My nights were very hard. If I stand and walk all day I am fine, but the moment I sit or lay down the pain creeps in. I spent many hours walking around a dimly, lit hotel room.

One night was funny though. At 5am the hotel fire alarms started. I was up dressed and raring to go in seconds. Hubby was naked, half asleep trying to work out what was going on . He thought it was his mobile going off. Sadly for me, it was a false alarm and went off. So I was stuck stood back up for another hour, waiting for the pain to subside again.

Our last day was forecast to be heavy rain, so we thought we’d stay at the hotel. But when we woke it was a glorious day. In fact the best weather whilst we were there.

So we decided to risk the forecast and join a complimentary walking tour of the City Highlights and then grab an open topped bus tour. The timing worked out perfect for our flight home and we got to see some of the places we couldn’t have possibly walked to.

I was particularly chuffed to find we could sit right at the front of the bus, upstairs under the shelter. Perfect.

This was one of my favourite images from the break.

Hubby sat with “the hags with the bags.”


Hubby said he was glad to get back to work for the rest. He’s not used to being on his feet all day like me.

I have already done a full double page photo spread for my Project Life album. I just need to add all the journaling. Don’t I always ?


Scrappi Sandi said...

Yep! you were missed! So glad you had a good trip, in spite of the pain! How awful to have junkies 'shooting up'in broad daylight!! But I guess that's modern city life for you! LOVE that last photo...what a great sport he is!!! Oh...& I think your 'coat of many colours' look could well catch on!

alexa said...

Yes, we did. Do you need to ask? Glad there were some good memories of the city, even through the pain. Love the photo of your husband on that bench!

Dawn said...

I certainly missed you - your sense of humour is such a tonic xxx

Michelle said...

Missed ya!

Andrera said...

omg nearly wet myself at that pic of you in layers ,you look like that chinese chef lady thing that was in bb or dad in his hat lololololol!! gutted we cant come to your lawn party , you never know our street party may not be any good and we may gate crash , in that case it will be scones and alcohol for me !x


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