Saturday, 23 April 2011

The black sheep

Are you a follower? By that I mean do you go along with other people are you influenced by other people or do you want to be like other people.

A prompt I received from Shilmelles latest class, was about us developing our blogging style. We were to look at peoples blogs we admire and like.

This was one of the only times I have ever received a prompt from one of  Shimelles  classes and not really acted on it.  In fact I deleted it as I knew it was unnecessary for me.

I have NEVER been a follower. I am always my own person. When friends around me took drugs, I always refused. When people around me drank themselves silly, I remained sober. When I used to go for Dior product training everyone around me would be like robots, oohing and aahing over the new releases. I used to think what a load of bullshit. Just another way to get money out of punters.

So while I got what Shimelle was trying to say in her prompt about developing a character, ultimately I want my blog to just reflect me. I want people to hear my voice when they read my posts.  If I make changes it will be just as a natural reflection of me.  At where I am at at that time. Nothing else.

Yes, I LOVE The Pioneer Woman blog. I LOVE Amanda's blog.

For me it was more a case  of knowing what I don’t want my blog to include.i.e. music. HATE it. It’s not a good thing for people to have on a blog for someone who has to read them at 3am. It wakes the whole house up!

I like that I NEVER plan a blog, they just happen. That’s why sometimes mine are like buses. None for a while and then 3 at once.

So I felt so strongly about this prompt and the comments made about it on the forum, that I wrote a reply contradicting everyone else's. I was a bit worried that it might have been a bit strong, and that it wouldn’t go down to well. But as I said I am not a follower, or a sheep so I posted it.

Unlike you lot, I struggled with this prompt.
I don't want to be like anyone elses blog.I just want to be me.
I love the fact that I NEVER know what I am going to post about.I LOVE the fact that each week in my Project Life album something unexpected always happens.
I ultimately write my blog for me, not other people, but they are welcome along for the ride.
I started my blog to showcase my scrapbook layouts.Then Photography took over my life.Then sadly a prolapsed disc in my spine a year ago changed my life.I find it hard to do my passions now,so my blog content has had to change along with me.

So when I checked this morning to check the reactions to my post.I was a wee bit surprised to find this posting from Shimelle.

Karen: I was hoping some of you would discover *exactly* that.

Now weirdly, I wouldn’t probably read this blog posting on someone else's blog. I hate just written blogs and I usually just bypass them. LOL. So sorry about that.


Cheri said...

I haven't been on the forum, but I had the same reaction to the prompt. I don't need to go look at other blogs. I'm okay with what I come up with on my own.

Carol Anne said...

Like Cheri, I haven't been on the forum, actually not since this prompt posted. I like the way I run my blog -- especially lately. I like it's looks and I don't really need to model it after anyone else.
Glad I'm not alone and I'm glad you posted and Cheri responded!

Miriam said...

hi visiting from BBfS. I get completely overwhelmed with the forum! just found you today, took your poll, laughed at your weekend in Dublin( glad to see you met the tart with the cart!) and am going out to enjoy the sunshine. I'll be back x

Scrappi Sandi said...

Oooh! You rebel!!! I haven't even read my prompts so far in BBFS...too busy at the mo!! You will have noticed that the music has gone from my blog...& only because YouTube had blocked so may of the videos on my playlist it just wasn't worth it any more!!


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