Saturday, 5 March 2011

Just a quickie


If you live in the UK my good friend, Linda’s son is on BB2 10pm, tonight in an amazing film.

Brideshead Revisited.


Linda what was going on with Ben’s hair in this interview with him !!!

Her son Ben, plays Lord Sebastian Flyte. I can’t believe it has been two years since I went to watch it at the cinema.

His new film The Tempest also came out at the cinema this week. He is playing the part of Ariel.

I’m afraid Shakespeare isn’t really my thing. As you may have noticed from my lack of English skills, I wasn’t in the top class for English at school. That was the only class you got to study Literature and Shakespeare. So Shakespeare goes a bit above my head !

I was however one of only three people in my class to gain an GCSE O level in English, so that shows how bad my school was !

Amazing seeing's, I didn’t know where to put full stops or use paragraphs. I just used to guess.

But boy, could I write a story. That was the only reason I got to take the exam.

Night night. Back to bed for me. It’s 5am. I didn’t take sleeping tablets last night. I’ve decided to just cope with painkillers. So hopefully I will be a lot more alert tomorrow.


Scrappi Sandi said...

Thanks for the heads up!! I'll be sure to Sky+ it as it's Lee's birthday today & we're off out to the cinema & for something to eat a bit later & then home for cake & candles!!

I understand your English perfectly becos you speaks it proper just like wot I do!!! I got a GCSE 'O' level grade A too!!

Hope you managed to catch some more Zzzzzz's when the painkillers kicked in!!

linda Whishaw said...

Hi Karen, thank you for mentioning Ben i always feel to embarrassed to talk about him !!! not certain what happened to his hair, if he's anxious he will twiddle it . How are you feeling ? See you on tues. xxx

Pencil Lines DT Co-Ordinator said...

will sky plus it, thanks for the heads up Karen x


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