Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Week 7- Project Life

The last week has seen my nights being very disrupted. Take last night I was woken at 1am and read the paper online and checked my emails. I went back to sleep after my medication hit, and then I was dismayed to find out it was only 4.30am when the pain hit again. As I couldn’t take anymore medication I got up. So it’s been a long day.

The pain might be linked to my Pilates workout. I suffered on the long car journey and was in a lot of pain when I arrived. This worried Teejay-a lot- So he stretched some deep muscles and I felt a lot better. I was then put on the reformer and left to do more stretches. Next week I have decided it might be best to let him to do a full muscle release treatment on me instead. I nearly choked when I just saw how much its going to cost me!

Anyway, it’s only money, you can’t take it with you. ( choke, choke)

Back to Project Life.

Here are my pages from last week.



and a long journaler insert of Tasmin in her uniform.


Not only, have I been buying these and these to add to my album. I haven’t been able to resist some of Ali Edwards little finishing touches. I’ve purchased these photography inspired words, handwritten days & months and  some photo overlays. It seems that each week she uses another one of her products on her Project Life. She makes them look so tempting, she’s very clever. On week six she used some long journalers, and the next thing I knew I had bought them ??? God knows what I will have bought by the end of the year.

This lady has inspired me the most doing this project. Her photography  is awesome. However by the end of 2010 she had filled 3 albums !!!


Scrappi Sandi said...

Just playing catch-up!! I love the baby photo's in the last post & I'm so glad you had a good visit at the fab that they've asked you to keep going, I'm sure you'll make such a difference to some of those teen Mums!!

Tasmin looks very professional in her uniform...can't believe she's nearly completed her second week!!

Project Life is looking good too!

I'm off to put the finishing touches to the preparations for Nathans birthday party, just a friend for a sleepover..guess he's growing up!!!

alexa said...

How amazing to keep going with your Project Life when you are coping with such pain - you are a trooper! Hoping the deep treatment eases it for you ...


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