Thursday, 17 February 2011



I always used to wake last year and smile and think my life is perfect. I appreciated everything I had and thought things couldn’t get any better. But as anyone knows you start to think its too good to be true, something bad is going to happen to spoil it.

It was weird because it wasn’t until about November after suffering for 6 months in pain that I thought, ah, this is it now. Your perfect life has ended. Then Tasmin, unexpectedly left University, at the worst time for youngsters to get employment in this country. I thought she was going to be another unemployment statistic.

I thought, see your life has come to an end……….

But, Tasmin after contacting every local pub, returned home and started work, at the end of our street, the very next day. We all hoped it would just be temporary, but it started to look that 1am finishing times was going to be her/our life's.

But she got lucky, and is now working hard to keep her dental nurse position. My epidural after 5 weeks, seems to be making my life much better. The pain has withdrawn to a level I can cope with. My life has just adapted around it. I have accepted my nights and know how to make the best of the painful bits. Pilates has definitely helped to make me aware of my posture and gives me hope.

So, although I know the epidural and injection will likely wear off in the coming months/weeks I can see light at the end of the tunnel.

When Tasmin came home I was at my worst pain wise and I did wonder if God had sent her home to help care for me. She helped me to get dressed and with all the chores in the house. Now I feel better I can cope with the house again. And even though is a struggle to put my boots and socks on, I manage somehow.

The cherry on the top was sent to us in a letter yesterday. Tasmin has been having to continue to pay for her University flat. She’d just sent a cheque for £800+ for this semester. Imagine our surprise when she opened a letter saying her flat has been reallocated and she ceases to be liable for it. Here's a cheque for £768.57 !!!!!

So when I woke this morning after a usual night of surfing the net at 4am, taking more painkillers and sleeping with my leg hanging out the bed. I thought my life is good again……….



alexa said...

Glad to hear such positive news!

Scrappi Sandi said...

That's great news for Tasmin...must be a load off her mind!

Enjoy having life back on an even keel!!


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