Monday, 7 February 2011

Is it morning yet?

Oh whoops, its nearly midday.

I have had a bad few days, pain wise. So I have resorted to taking my painkillers and sleeping tablets at night again. Back have come the snacks for the early hours of the morning.

I have found a bizarre way of sleeping that relieves the pain.It cam about as I tried to find a comfortable position. I added an extra pillow for my bad leg,but I gave up and went to get up.So with one leg down and dangling I noticed the pain relieved.So in my drugged state I thought I'll just rest here a second and enjoy the sensation.Well 4 hours later I awoke with a cold,numb leg.

So of course I tried it again last night and it still works. God knows why.


Well today after surfing the internet in my scrap room at 5am,having a snack and topping up my tablets,back to bed I went and I woke up at nearly 11am!!!!!!

Changing bedrooms had also worked as the black out curtains make it night-time all the time.Plus it’s so much quieter,not once have I heard everyone else getting ready for work.

Hubby even walked through to get to the bathroom and I was head back snoring.

Talking of weird sleeping positions I managed to capture Teddy asleep on the sofa.I had to crawl on all fours to get my camera ,so as not to wake him.


of course he woke up and gave me that look.



You know that black hole in everyone's house that swallows up the socks.

Well, it swallowed up my external hard drive.


I religiously updated it every week. I got it out and put it on the landing and that was the last anyone saw of it. It just disappeared.We have checked the loft 4 times, the cellar.We’ve cleared out every drawer, looked under all the furniture, but its vanished. We even checked the local charity shop we had recently donated to.

I waited and waited thinking it would turn up somewhere obscure, but it didn’t. I hadn’t had it long, so I was cross I’d have to buy another one, but buy another one I did this weekend. So, no doubt the bloody thing will turn up now.

I’m going to probably buy a monitor calibrator today. I have been talking myself into it for a few months. I am sick of my prints coming back dark or different to what I see on my monitor. I never knew such a thing existed ,until I did Karen Russell's photography workshop. That class has a lot to answer for. I have spent an indecent amount of money since I took part in it.

I have no idea how easy/hard  the calibrator  will be to use, but its the first step in maybe buying an iMac to process my photos. It’s my latest item I am trying to talk myself into purchasing.

My son wants it desperately. He has a MacBook and three laptops. But its his MacBook he’s devoted to. So I may allow myself it for my birthday in May. The only problem I can see is that I won’t have Photoshop and that I will have to pay out another £700+ for it .

How sad was it to hear about Amanda Holden's loss this weekend. I keep thinking how devastated she must be feeling.


Scrappi Sandi said...

So glad you're getting some quality pain free sleep...even if you are legs-akimbo!!!

LOL at Teddy...has he no shame?!!

Where could your external hard drive have gone....a real mystery? But it's sure to turn up now you've bought a new one...& just as well! How many photo's would you be losing otherwise?

I kept thinking about Amanda Holden yesterday...I find her irritating, but I wouldn't wish what she must be going through on anyone!

Denise said...

Well, who cares how you are laying if you get some relief from the pain- you'll have to get a one legged blankety type thing! Your Project Life is coming on a treat-am still waiting for mine but know it's in the country now.It must be a boy dog thing,cos my dog layson the sofa like that!Hope the pain is not too unbearable xx

Michelle said...

Hi Karen

I am a bit like you, did a few courses, had a semi decent camera and then ended up really getting into photography and then I needed a new camera, I needed that 24 - 79 f/2.8L lens and a prime lens and a 70 - 300 f/2.8 IS USM, and now on my wish list is an 85mm 1.2 prime lens!!! Santa brought me a really big gift of the really good Imac with Aperture and now I need to buy photoshop to go with it and the list gets longer!!! But all in the name of creativity... Now if only I was earning money instead of spending it. Hope you get your Mac, and enjoy the change!

alexa said...

Pain-free sleep is what counts so keep going! You might need to convert to one-legged PJs, though :). Glad you are getting some relief, finally ...

kym said...

That dog is so cute, he must have been watching you laying in bed....

It's such a shame the epidural did'nt work for you, I can't belive your so upbeat about it, you must be getting really fed with it xx


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