Monday, 21 February 2011

How quick the weeks go

I am already in week 8 of Project Life….

I couldn’t take pics to share the album, today it was soooo dark, so I’ll try tomorrow.

I love how this project shows how life can change in just one week. There are always surprises around the corner.

I have been back to the Centre to work with the young mums group. Sadly this week there was lots of illness and so we were thin on the ground. But I had been looking forward to this session, unlike the last one, I felt I was now in my comfort zone.

I was asked to take some pictures of babies/mums or mums-to-be and teach the group how to make a scrapbook layout. I was very lucky as Anna and Sandra donated some stash for me to work with. I also raided my cupboard and then put lots of kits together to make it easier for the girls to choose.


One of the girls was a pleasure to work with. Her baby was just 17 days old. She absolutely loved making the layout and after me and the midwife faffed around with the photo printer, for what seemed like hours. She left happy with a couple of images I had captured and her layout.


She was more then happy for me to share these with you all.


The centre was so pleased they have asked me to work there on a regular basis. Its weird how life changes in the ways you least expect. I am glad I have Project Life to document all the changes as they happen.


We have a new small bird table in the garden. Tasmin bought it for her dad for his birthday. Well today. the birds have finally discovered it. It was like a Mc Donald's. There were queues for the drive through. Some were eating in the restaurant. At one point there were 7 doves and a pigeon. I think we may need a larger one. Plus, I can't keep up with the bird seed. They are real pigs. They seem to have bottomless stomachs.

2010 Feb birds

I popped into Scrap Revolution today as I seem to have mislaid my distresser tool. Of course I picked up some other bits, as well and Lorraine has kindly said she will donate some plain card for the centre.

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kym said...

Ahh that picture is so cute, you sound as though you are really enjoying it, hope it's taken your mind off any pain you are still feeling....xx


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